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A wreath laying ceremony at Peter Grahams grave by his old comrades. November 30, 2021

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A wreath laying ceremony at Peter Grahams grave by his old comrades.

Remembering Peter Graham 1946-1971.

A wreath was laid at Peter’s grave by his old comrades and friends to mark the fiftieth anniversary of his assassination in 1971. His murder, carried out by rogue criminal elements who were attempting to steal an arms dump, deprived the Irish struggle of one of its most progressive thinkers and activists.

Peter was a great Irishman, an Internationalist and socialist revolutionary, who made an enormous contribution to the struggle for Irish independence and the establishment of an Irish Workers Republic. He was a founding member of the Young Socialists,was involved later with the International Marxist Group of the 4th. International and Saor Éire.

Via TheIrishRepublicanMarxistHistoryProject


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