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Taking the temperature of the Tories: Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election November 30, 2021

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Thanks to JH for the link to this, from the National.

WHAT is the real political mood in the UK? Christmas might prove a welcome diversion but the sudden return of the pandemic in the shape of Omicron suggests otherwise. The economy is stuttering, with skyrocketing energy bills and the return (after a whole generation) of the spectre of inflation eating into living standards. New Year 2022 suddenly looks less inviting even if Russell T Davies is coming back to Doctor Who.

On Thursday, we will get an inkling of the way the political wind is blowing. This comes in the shape of a by-election in the Old Bexley and Sidcup constituency in Kent, which follows the death of sitting Tory MP James Brokenshire.

The details of this are here:

Brokenshire, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, received 64.5% at the election in 2019. The Labour candidate recieved 23.5%. So presumably this is a Tory hold, but a hold by how much?


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