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A small minority December 1, 2021

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Was in Dublin city centre on Saturday afternoon and happened to drop into Eason’s, so I got a fairly close view of the anti-vaccination/restrictions protest at the GPO. Earlier walking along the North Quays I passed about eight people with yellow placards decrying various supposed aspects of the vaccines. Later on my way from Eason’s there was a character in the middle of the road who was extremely agitated with a hand drawn placard, almost dancing around with a gleeful smile on their face. A short way up from this there were a couple of Garda cars blocking the north side of O’Connell Bridge.
What struck me was how relatively few people had turned out. Some newspaper estimates were of 2,000 in attendance but – and first and foremost I can’t claim to be an expert so this is a subjective opinion, it seemed to me there were less than that listening to the speeches outside the GP.

Moreover I didn’t see any great enthusiasm amongst passersby for the protestors. But then in a state where vaccination levels are up around 91.09% for all those over 12 who are eligible – even if one factors in those who are hesitant or those for whom getting vaccinated was simply to allow them access to various locations, that’s a pretty solid head wind against the sort of rhetoric on display on the day.

Again the question comes to mind, why these protests and exhortations? One placard read ‘do your own research’. Do they think that with that level of vaccination there’ll be some sort of turnaround at some point in the future? That seems wildly improbable, and while some are obviously sincere – however misguided, it’s difficult not to think that in real terms the vaccine ship has long since sailed and a lot of this is simply preaching to the faithful.

Even on the slightly different ground of restrictions with a government seemingly uneager to implement restrictions (though Omicron may alter that equation) one has to wonder what scope there is for them.

As RTÉ noted:

Speakers have accused the Government of corruption and of trying to control people’s lives, saying that the anti-Covid measures are worse than the disease.

Oddly though I’d heard of the protest earlier in the week when I went into a pharmacy for something. Two of the people behind the counter were talking in hushed tones about how there was meant to be a protest this weekend (and did I catch it correctly, perhaps the weekend after?). One seemed in mild sympathy, the other not at all.

As it happens I had relatives back from the UK so there was some degree of socialising. Saw good to great practices around vaccine passes and other measures – in hotels, and poor to intolerable practices – in pub/restaurants, the latter to the point of walking out of one such. That that is going on suggests remarkably little policing of this. But also suggests that those places that are doing the right thing do deserve considerable praise and support.

Anyhow, another twist and turn in the pandemic. As always the question, the almost unanswerable question, is, what happens next.

And as always a strong recommend for Andrew Flood and Dr. Groove and the latest Plague Tapes podcast which predates Omicron but had some very useful thoughts nonetheless.


1. terrymdunne - December 2, 2021

I was gonna reply that well maybe it isn’t actually about practical politics & maybe it preforms another function (or two) – but in the meanwhile we have seen how – boosted by the mainstream media – covid skepticism talking points can seemingly resonate more widely.

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2. terrymdunne - December 2, 2021

Performs even.


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