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Supermarket watch! Christmas special December 1, 2021

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Was amused in Clare Hall in the last week or so to see how in both Tesco and Easons magazines had been displaced by Christmas related products. In Easons the magazines were in the centre of the shop, most still there, and by the by interesting that so many titles have weathered the storm of the pandemic. In Tesco they appeared to have gone completely. But then so many lines of products have vanished in the last year and more since the start of the pandemic. The suggestion aired here in comments that stores used the opportunity to rationalise their lines certainly rings true – that said it’s odd what is and isn’t on the shelves. For example, flan bases – those sponge cake bases on which one puts fruit and cream – missing in action for the last half year, but returned in force just in time for Christmas. Tongs, plastic, not in evidence, though the metal ones had sold out. And on and on. Some UK products in, almost all the own-brand stuff in, but odd omissions.

Also, busy busy busy.

The humbler Dealz across the way was less so.


1. oliverbohs - December 1, 2021

Trifle sponges another item that can disappear for long stretches but presumably all present and correct on the shelves these times

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WorldbyStorm - December 1, 2021

True, or indeed Birds trifle mixes. Though you know the sugar finger biscuits? They’re pretty good for a trifle.


2. crocodileshoes - December 1, 2021

Anyone seen
a. Marvel milk powder
b. Euthymol toothpaste


WorldbyStorm - December 1, 2021

Nope. You can get Tesco’s own brand powdered milk, though I haven’t seen it in a few months.


3. benmadigan - December 1, 2021

Could the missing items in Tesco be linked to Brexit-related shortages?

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WorldbyStorm - December 2, 2021

I’d imagine some must be.


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