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Con hold… December 3, 2021

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Not a surprise that the Tories kept Old Bexley and Sidcup in the byelection yesterday. And Labour’s goal, supposedly, of pushing the Tory vote under 50% didn’t come to pass. But as the Mirror notes (thanks JH):

Any relief in the Tory camp will be tempered by the strong showing for Richard Tice’s Reform Party which came third last night with a vote share of 6.59%.

If the neo-UKIP party can repeat this performance in future elections then it would leave the Conservatives vulnerable in dozens of marginal seats.

Great. More – though not too much – power to Tice and his unmerry crew so.


Meanwhile, electoral politics never stops.

It is not surprising that Boris Johnson is reportedly heading to North Shropshire today to try to boost his party’s fortunes in the by-election on December 16 caused by the resignation of Owen Paterson.

Although Labour came second in the 2019 general election it is the Lib Dems who are increasingly confident they can overturn Paterson’s 22,949 majority and pull off another shock win.

Incidentally, the Lib Dems lost their deposit in Old Bexley which will fuel rumours they stood aside as part of an unwritten pact between them and Labour. 

Will Labour return the favour by taking its foot off the pedal in Shropshire?

Discussing this yesterday with a friend we both were sceptical about ‘lending’ votes to the Lib Dems. Their role in starting what is now a decade long stint of Tory political dominance should never be forgotten.


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