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TV shows people lie about seeing? Or making social interactions easier. December 4, 2021

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This mystified me a bit when I read it, apparently “in a new poll from RadioTimes.com, 52% of respondents admitted to lying about having seen a TV show, with Stranger Things and Game of Thrones the two most lied about.”

I can’t recall lying about cultural experiences ever – just never bothered. Books, films, television series, music just don’t impact on me that way. It might be my loss. In fact I sometimes wonder where people get the time to consume television in particular in such vast quantities. I’m perpetually surprised by those who have seen Breaking Bad (which came third on the list of television shows people lie about), Stranger Things, Game of Thrones (all of which bar GOT I’ve only seen a couple of episodes – GOT I saw a season and a half before I kind of gave up, overwhelmed by the lack of a moral centre).

And yet thinking about it a bit more, in fairness it seems to me to be a bit like sports – soccer in particular, where it provides a handy lingua franca for people to interact (not mad interested in soccer either!). I can’t blame anyone for finding that tool for social interaction useful and enjoyable – though rather like the Fast Show character (IIRC it was the Fast Show) it’s never good to bluff about one’s knowledge of sport, for which reason I never have though I’ve seen a few car crashes where people have tried to.

But then the water cooler culture kind of passed me by, bar a brief stint in London in the early 1990s. I never really worked anywhere people congregated around water coolers, of if they did congregate the conversation tended to be about the job, sad and all as that is in its own way.

So good luck to people who talk about sports/culture/television, whatever. It makes a break from the grindstone, and I’d argue that it’s best not to lie about it, but if fully 52% of people are doing so and this isn’t being picked up one would have to imagine that that social interaction is a lot more important than the actual content of the social interactions. And maybe that’s a good thing?


1. roddy - December 4, 2021

I remember as a 5 year old discussing Bonanza and the Fugitive with a classmate despite our house not having a television or even electricity at the time!

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Wes Ferry - December 4, 2021

But was that because you didn’t want to admit you didn’t have a telly rather than about not keeping up with the ‘cool programmes’ themselves?


roddy - December 4, 2021

Probably the lack of a TV.A portable TV with a 12 inch screen and powered by a car battery arrived when I was aged 7 and then electricity and mains water when I was aged 10.A bathroom 2 years later finally confirmed our bourgeoise status!

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2. alanmyler - December 4, 2021

Having watched Breaking Bad I can honestly say you’ve missed out if you haven’t. Best TV ever. IMHO.

Talking about sports, yeah I’ve waded in out of my depth occasionally and maybe just nodded along without being fully sure of the facts. Is that lying, perhaps? I just don’t have a brain that remembers sports, although I do really enjoy watching soccer and gaa games, either gender. I’m a Chelsea fan, haven’t watched them this season at all, didn’t actually realize they were top of the premiership until a couple of weeks ago. St Pats fan too, though didn’t get to a single game this year. Haven’t liear about those though 😉


Mat - December 4, 2021

Yeah when I was younger I would nod along with chats about football games because there wasn’t much else to talk about in the lunchroom at work. So a sin of omission rather than an outright lie. Can imagine doing the same about GOT or ST neither of which I’ve watched more than a few episodes of.

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3. Wes Ferry - December 4, 2021

I have this thing about avoiding trending TV crazes but freely admitting I hadn’t seen them, only catching up in my own sweet time. Latecomer and fan of The Simpsons. Friends and Breaking Bad in this way.

Well late to Game of Thrones but ditched that when winged dragons started flying out of eggs. 🙄


4. banjoagbeanjoe - December 5, 2021

I’ve probably lied once or twice about reading the Communist Manifesto all the way to the end.

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alanmyler - December 5, 2021

What about vol 3 of Capital? Yeah I’m in the same boat as you, well I have read the Manifesto alright but not too much beyond that. Tried getting into vol 1 a couple of times and gave up. It’s my retirement project, to give Marx a fair chance. I feel it’s a bit like doing the English LC and reading the study notes about King Lear and whatever the novel was in ’81, without having actually studied the books themselves.


Michael Carley - December 5, 2021

Took me a while to read volume 1 but the middle chapters, on manufacturing, are very convincing to this engineer.

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alanmyler - December 5, 2021

According to the David Harvey study notes it’s that long first chapter that’s the tough hill to get over. The going apparently gets easier at that stage.


Michael Carley - December 5, 2021

I used the David Harvey guides and they’re great.

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banjoagbeanjoe - December 6, 2021

Harvey was good. But that howler against Norwich. Letting a free kick from inside the Norwich half float over his head like that. That will always haunt him. And me.

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alanmyler - December 6, 2021

I just had a look at his wikipedia page. What is it about goalies becoming posties in the wilds of Scotland after retiring from the game? Harvey in the Orkneys, Peter Bonetti in Mull. Must be something in that…

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5. alanmyler - December 5, 2021

I suppose there’s a more serious issue here which is the question of sociability. I’ve heard from a couple of sources recently how people have really lost the habit of chat and the openness to initiate conversation after the isolation of WFH. Not a good trait and hopefully those habits will return. I’ve been WFH for a couple of decades so I do actually go out of my way to make a big effort to chat when I’m out, I need it and I know how it’s too easy to not make an effort with the personality type I have, I’m a quiet one by nature. I just hope it doesn’t take two decades for everyone else to get over the comfort zone of tranquil solitude, for the sake of society. And chit chat about nonsense does fulfill that function, of breaking ice, of establishing connection on safe topics rather than jumping straight into the stuff one really does care about, anti capitalism, climate change, you know, the stuff we chat about here. I was reading another thing recently, think it was via FB, or was it here, I can’t remember, anyway it was about the challenges involved in establishing friendships as one gets older. How the circumstances that facilitate friendship, the informal regular proximity with people, just doesn’t happen so much once one leaves education and enters the world of work, especially as work evolves into one job followed by another. It just becomes more difficult to build the closeness, to risk the openness, to make the connection. So we fall back into those superficial conversations about sports etc.


sonofstan - December 6, 2021

That resonates with me.
Being on the picket line last week, and last year, was enjoyable in some respects simply for the chats that emerged from prolonged proximity with people I don’t know. You have to talk about something, and after a while you get to a place that is increasingly rare – a relaxed conversation for the sake of it.
By contrast, sometimes when I walk into a classroom, the place is silent – they’re all looking at their phones, unable to even exchange a hello to the person next to them.


6. Joe Mooney - December 6, 2021

I’m too busy reading “Ulysses” again to be bothered watching Television shows . Just sayin’ !

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