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Rupture magazine: Issue 6, Winter 2022 December 21, 2021

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Special feature: Home sweet home

  • Green gaffs for all, by Nicole McCarthy & Des Hennelly
  • Mica & the fight for 100% redress, by Kiran Emrich
  • The North’s housing crisis, by Amy Merron
  • Expropriate the big landlords, by Nelli Tügel


  • Fascism & the algorithm, by Méabh French
  • “Learn from each others’ struggles: Interview with Laurence Cox, by Brian O’Cathail
  • Tax haven Ireland – the inside story, by Brian O’Boyle
  • Feeding an insatiable monster: Data centres in Ireland, by Diarmuid Flood

What is to be done?

  • The feminist challenge to traditional political organising, by Penny Duggan
  • Keep it in the ground, by Sarah Frazer
  • Permanent revolution: Myths, reality & relevance, by Sami El-Sayed
  • Lighting the way: Transitional demands & the struggle for socialism, by August Thalheimer

Rupture Regulars

  • The Tipping Point by Jess Spear
  • Lesser-spotted comrades: Walter Rodney, by Emma Finnamore
  • Gaslighters, Ghouls, and Gobshites, by Des Hennelly

Available here.


1. Rupture magazine: Issue 6, Winter 2022 | Tomás Ó Flatharta - December 21, 2021

[…] Rupture magazine: Issue 6, Winter 2022 […]


2. yourcousin - December 21, 2021

Alan, do I need to buy one and send it your way? I can/will.

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alanmyler - December 21, 2021

Ah jaysus, I haven’t even gotten around to getting myself the last issue yet! Thanks YC, no I’ll make a point of dropping into the cafe in Ballyer next time I’m passing by, I go past it once a week on average but just keep forgetting to stop to get it. I was reading Freud’s lectures on psychoanalysis where he talks about how the unconscious forgetting to do something is a sign that the person doesn’t actually want to do the thing. I’ll have to overcome that.

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3. Jim Monaghan - December 21, 2021

“Mica & the fight for 100% redress, by Kiran Emrich”. I think there should be a cap, say a generous one, 400 grand. 400 grand build quite a nice house in Donegal and Mayo.
But aside from that, there are 1000s of gerrybuilt apartments in Dublin with serious problems, some probably fire hazards. The owners, mainly living in them, are being subjected to huge rebuild costs.


GearóidGaillimh - December 30, 2021

Kiran’s article on mica is up on the Rupture site now as a taster for the new issue if anyone is interested. https://twitter.com/RuptureMag_/status/1476130877323112454

Also a link to a video promoting the new issue: https://twitter.com/RuptureMag_/status/1471115521919787008

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