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All political lives (don’t seem to) end… January 13, 2022

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RTÉ noted this this week:

Former Minister of State Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran is expected to return to the politics after a seat on Westmeath County Council became vacant.

The former Longford-Westmeath TD is set to replace his son, Jamie, who yesterday resigned his position on the council with immediate effect.

Mr Moran, who lost his seat almost two years ago, confirmed his candidacy was submitted yesterday evening.

Jamie Moran stated that he was leaving his council position “due to new work opportunities”.


He said while his co-option was not guaranteed, he expressed hope a “gentleman’s agreement,” which provided for an outgoing councillor to nominate their potential successor, would be adhered to.

Mr Moran refused to dismiss talk of running for the Dáil at the next general election, should his co-option be endorsed.

Still, it’s fascinating to see how these processes can be worked.


1. Mat - January 13, 2022

One of the things I think is healthy about NZ politics compared to Ireland or GB is that public office, especially for MPs tends to be for a mid career option and you can meet former ministers who run motels or farms or restaurants or teach and have no desire to get back into elected office. Sure some do the revolving door between council and parliament or keep getting elected or get appointed to a board or as an ambassador but it’s not the majority from what I can see.

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WorldbyStorm - January 13, 2022

I’d liken it to addiction here for too many. Once in they can never get out.


EWI - January 13, 2022

And too much of it has become about that cosy class preserving itself and its perks and privileges. It’s not a novel observation that many of the FFFG insiders have much more in common with each other than with the rest of us (I see that Ivan Yates has now joined EH as a Micheál Martin advisor).


WorldbyStorm - January 13, 2022

That’s true. Though in fairness to Boxer Moran, knowing him a little I’d never have thought of him as being that typical of FFG insiders. His whole thing was being outside FF and being very antagonistic to the party – and as time went on there were more like him all the time. Granted a fairly traditional sort of rural FF would have been his thing.


EWI - January 13, 2022

I’d be thinking of the apparatchiks and carpet-baggers, not the ‘genetically FF’ (like my own family). Though I got to know some active young FF twenty-somethings through RL, all college politics and EU placements, and while they were in very chummy social circles with FG and ex-PD/FI types, they also didn’t seem to be recoiling from their SF contemporaries that much.


EWI - January 13, 2022

*recently got to know


2. banjoagbeanjoe - January 13, 2022

Word is that the Boxer’s return has motivated Hillary Clinton to put out feelers for a presidential run in 2024 too.


3. crocodileshoes - January 13, 2022

They say they never come back.
And who do they say it about?

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4. NFB - January 13, 2022

Is there are appetite out there for local by-elections? In two minds about them myself, but have always hated co-option.

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WorldbyStorm - January 13, 2022

Never any harm to have the elections but… I know what you mean. It’s not like people are dying for them at this point.


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