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An ethical issue: protecting a majority… January 14, 2022

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Derek Scally of the IT late in the year had some interesting thoughts about the questions government’s in Europe have had to make and continue to have to make with regard to the pandemic, particularly in Germany where he reports from for that paper. He noted on the IT Inside Politics podcast that:

All governments are facing exactly the same ethical dilemma. At what point does a loud minority determine the political agenda? And it is a minority, in Germany it’s a third of the population, in Ireland it is fewer people who are declining to get vaccinated either because they haven’t got around to it or they don’t think about it or they don’t believe in it or they think it’s a conspiracy… And increasingly in Germany politicians are saying ‘actually your right to freedom does not allow you to inhibit the freedom of the majority’ so governments have always wanted to avoid this sticky situation because it’s an ethical dilemma, it’s a political nightmare but I don’t think there’s any way around it at this stage… Austria they’ve decided ‘we can’t wait any longer the numbers are off the charts’ and they’ve said ‘we’re prepared to basically say enough to the unvaccinated minority – the majority wants to get on with their lives’ and I think being locked up for three weeks in Austria is probably going to concentrate a lot minds amongst the vaccinated who have adhered to all of the rules and they’re just tired of listening to these people talking about their personal freedom.

There’s a lot in that. The fact that those with these views are a minority, particularly in this state – to judge from the statistics perhaps around 5% or so of adults. That they have gummed up responses to the pandemic. And that there is a majority, and large majorities – even in Germany, who are held hostage by the unwillingness or hostility towards vaccination programmes and other measures.

At what point do states have to step in and say enough is enough? The situation here is clearer, with a supramajority of the population behind most measures and in particular vaccines. But what about Germany or Austria or other states with larger minorities hostile to vaccination?

And what of attitudes amongst the majority?


1. Jim Monaghan - January 14, 2022

Des Derwin. https://tomasoflatharta.com/2022/01/11/mandatory-vaccination-much-ado-red-herring-or-getting-it-wrong/ and this Excluding the voluntarily unvaccinated from certain places and services is NOT forcibly vaccinating anybody!!

The quote I agree with is this.
“Excluding the voluntarily unvaccinated from certain places and services is NOT forcibly vaccinating anybody!!”.
It does seem to be that a lot of the Left and SF want to have their cake and eat it on this issue. The “of course, we are all for vaccinations line but…” with more than a touch of a libertarian not a socialist argument thrown in.
People have dies, people have become seriously ill and many other consequences of the failure of the small minority to do the decent thing and take the jab.

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crocodileshoes - January 14, 2022

Yes, and those who take the ‘my body, my choice’ line simply don’t engage with the fact (not opinion!) that the unvaccinated pose a medical and psychological threat to the vulnerable. The letter from Karl Deeter in today’s Irish Times is a case in point.

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2. tomasoflatharta - January 17, 2022

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