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“Seeking No Honours: Tom & Marie Johnson” New ILHS title. January 18, 2022

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This new ILHS title by Shay Cody (current president) and Charles Callan,(former president and long-time secretary) with reflections from Padraig Yeates and Brendan Howlin from the ILHS has just arrived from the printer 

It is 136 pages in length and has been much anticipated and retails for €12.00. It includes a number of interesting additional pieces including Cathal O’Shannon’s tribute published in Liberty, February 1963,amendments to the Democratic Programme, and Johnson’s statement to the Bureau of Military History. Facing the inside the back cover is a colour image of Tom and Fred Johnson’s refurbished gravestone.

The piece on Marie Johnson is an expanded piece written by Charles Callan from his earlier essay in Saothar: Journal of the ILHS.
The publication is sponsored by the Fórsa trade union.


1. EWI - January 18, 2022

Didn’t Rayner used to claim the story that Johnson admitted later he (an Englishman) never understood Irish nationalism? Whatever the truth of it, he was certainly weak and ineffectual as Labour leader.


pangurbán - January 18, 2022

he ran the munitions strike of 1920 with considerable skill, avoiding the all out strike which the British wanted, while organising a findraising effort which yieled 10m in todays money

along with william o brien he was very close to the Dáil leadership


EWI - January 18, 2022

Johnson’s indecisive leadership caused him to fail to get off the fence in 1918 and 1921, and didn’t help the situation in 1922. As to the strike and the money, it’s been noted before that he was a poor leader but fantastic union official… however, political leadership was what was wanted. He was a poor heir to Connolly.


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