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Problems for the BLP January 20, 2022

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This from Politico provides an insight into the current woes of the BLP. Granted it is riding reasonably high in the polls. It has gained another MP defecting from the Tories. But what’s happening behind the scenes?

Britain’s Labour Party is asking its own staff to accept a real-terms pay cut as it deals with the loss of more than £3 million to falling membership and reduced trade union support.

The decline in income from two traditional sources will increase pressure on Labour leader Keir Starmer to attract big donations as he seeks to benefit from Boris Johnson’s trouble in the polls.

Labour staff were briefed on the state of the opposition party’s finances at a meeting last week with senior party figures. They were offered a 2 percent pay uplift for next year — a real-terms cut when inflation is factored in.

And what of this?

Staff were told that the decline in membership has been much higher than expected, while potential fines from a security breach in November and a loss of union contributions have caused “substantial” additional costs.

The large trade union Unite, which has previously been Labour’s biggest funder and was a staunch supporter of Starmer’s left-wing predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, announced last year it would cut political donations to the party and divert the money to union campaigns.

Labour membership peaked in January 2020 at more than 500,000, but figures presented to staff last week suggest it has been falling since.


One staff member who lost their job accused the party of “talking a good game about workers’ rights while senior officials treat Labour staff with contempt and tank the party’s resources.”

They added that the argument that jobs had to go to make the party “fighting fit” for elections had been shown up as “a lie.”


1. EWI - January 20, 2022

Britain’s Labour Party is asking its own staff to accept a real-terms pay cut as it deals with the loss of more than £3 million to falling membership and reduced trade union support.

Wikipedia informs me that British MPs are paid a base salary of £81,932 per annum, plus their expenses and allowances. Let’s hear first about those fine Labour men and women giving up say 30% of that towards the running of the party, which would raise at least £4.891m pa. Maybe less ‘special advisors’ too, and the rump taking similar pay cuts.

Also, f— them. This from last July:

Unite the Union decided last year to cut funding to Labour by 10%, and GMB has suggested that it could make a similar cut. Party insiders have been hoping that the new leadership would be able to attract high-net-worth individuals as new private donors.

Concerns have been expressed over the party hiring, through an agency, between 30 and 50 ‘temporary investigation officers’ who would work in Labour’s governance and legal unit dealing with the large backlog of internal complaints.

Asked about the job ads via recruitment agency Love Success, David Evans has told Labour’s national executive committee: “They are not agency workers, we are contracting a company we currently work with to deliver a service.”



2. benmadigan - January 20, 2022

The BLP under Starmer has alienated so many on the left that a People’s Alliance of the Left (PAL) has been formed. Left parties and groups have agreed to form a coalition that is planning to stand candidates in the next Westminster election



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