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A dark journey January 21, 2022

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Not sure what to make of this, from the Guardian last week and:

Damian Hinds, the MP for East Hampshire who became security minister in August, told the Daily Telegraph that people spending long periods of time in their bedrooms during the restrictions could have pushed them towards radicalisation.

His remarks echo similar warnings from the police and the UN’s counter-terrorism committee executive directorate (CTED).

“Clearly, logically, when you have more people who are spending more time in their bedrooms at their computer … you are going to get a growth in that tiny proportion of people for whom that is a dark journey,” Hinds told the Telegraph.

“And as you know, on the internet, if you start to make those kind of downward spirals, you can quickly accelerate with the material that you come across and the other people that you can come into contact with.”

I guess it is possible, though in what was normal everyday life there was no shortage of time spent on computers by many many people. As interesting is this point:

But Hinds said it would be wrong to just assume this was Islamic terrorism. “There has been a growth in extreme rightwing terrorism,” he said.

“Islamist extremism terrorism, though, remains a potent threat. And we also have quite a few people who you might describe as having a sort of mixed or unclear or unstable mindset.

“Sometimes [they are] looking at flirting with different ideologies, different groups, sometimes apparently mutually exclusive, very, very different types of ideology.”


1. mal - January 22, 2022

i can absolutely believe this. QAnon watchers say that the number of people involved with the movement took a massive jump during the pandemic: it’s likely that other fringe online movements saw a similar bump at a time when people were confused, scared and isolated. The social isolation means that people don’t have to justify their beliefs to friends and family who would otherwise give them a reality check.

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WorldbyStorm - January 22, 2022

Yeah, that reality check is a real phenomenon and very necessary.


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