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Turnabout on the populist and far-right over Russia March 3, 2022

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Interesting Inside Politics podcast from the IT with their Europe correspondent Naomi O’Leary. She noted…

The amazing effect this has had on national politics in various EU countries. Almost every EU country has its parties that have agreed with what Putin has been saying for many years.. they often forged links many of them… took money from … and they I suppose cos-played with this nationalist Christianity hard right pro-Russian image – I’m talking about the right wing elements now, there has been a certain amount of this on the left but it’s very different, and what’s happened in the last week is that all of these parties have had to throw overboard all of these positions and statements about Putin and Russia and there’s reports that Marine Le Pen of the Front National had called her MEPs to personally to say ‘you’d better vote in favour of that resolution on Ukraine’ and so in one country after another they’re throwing over these links and disavowing them.

Speaking of Le Pen she had a little problem with leaflets over this very issue.


And Tomás Ó Flaharta has the very photo from the leaflet here should you choose to see it – just scroll down.



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