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Fortnightly Culture Thread May 15, 2022 May 15, 2022

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gregtimo proposed in comments recently the idea of a Culture Thread.
It’s a great idea. Currently culture is a bit strange, but people read, listen to music, watch television and film and so on – spread the net wide, sports, activities, interests, all relevant – and any pointers are always welcome. And it’s not just those areas but many more. Suggestions as to new or old things, events that might have been missed, literally anything.


1. Starkadder - May 15, 2022

I don’t know if we’ve discussed the UK channel Talking Pictures TV here. It’s on my Humax. It’s a shoestring operation that nevertheless shows some excellent old UK TV that rarely got repeated before (“Public Eye”, with Alfred Burke, and “Rumpole of the Bailey” with Leo McKern).

Also, they show a fine selection of old horror movies late at night, including “The Quatermass Xperiment”, “The Blood On Satan’s Claw” and “Burnt Offerings” (a fine TV movie that some believe influenced “The Shining”, both novel and film).


WorldbyStorm - May 16, 2022

Haven’t heard of that Starkadder. Sounds very interesting.


2. banjoagbeanjoe - May 16, 2022

I was at that launch last week and most enjoyable it was.
The young lad can write. I can’t recommend this book of poetry highly enough, said daddy. Get in ahead of the poetical zeitgeist and shell out now!

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3. banjoagbeanjoe - May 16, 2022

Everything is political of course but DS Maolalai doesn’t do politics, as say the denizens of the CLR do. He does allude to this in ‘The Moon’ –

“…I persevere
and stay away
from politics – worry
that the moment will go
and go on going, with my words
meaning not much
at all…

… I read the news then,

after Po, riots about violence
and policing in America.
feel it’s not my place
to write about,
as if it weren’t as present
as the moon.”

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4. NFB - May 16, 2022

The GF has me watching episodes of animated show Bluey on the Player, which is genuinely hilarious and heartwarming without being too saccharine.

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5. banjoagbeanjoe - May 16, 2022

And finally, here’s one on working in the private sector (which of course he insisted was where he wants to work, even after his ma persuaded him to do a civil service interview for an interesting job in Leinster House and he got high up on the panel but then turned down the job when it was offerred).

We’re waiting for an update

and now the contract’s
gone at work. or anyway:
“we’re waiting for an update”. surely
come wintertime
some of us will starve. in the kitchen
apples rot
and soften dry
with wrinkles. on a call with the techs
I tell them “no new news” and quietly advise
that they start stealing. low ranked
employees, sold like a capri-
sun. it’s not that you expect
a job for life, but to lose
without the pleasure of quitting? at my desk
I ignore emails
and google hiring agencies. something
feels good
about not hiding it from anyone.

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6. WorldbyStorm - May 16, 2022

Just finished Ian Cobain’s Anatomy of A Killing, well worth a read by anyone. It’s an extremely measured overview of the conflict that allows those in it to speak. It’s also deeply troubling in parts and seeing how ordinary people were caught up by dynamics long extant is difficult. Also finished Phil Jones Work Without the Worker. Really thought provoking on how to deal with the changing nature of work for some workers. A slim volume, some interesting suggestions in it about unions and so on.


7. mal - May 16, 2022

Went to the EPIC museum. Not really a museum and not really very good. Went to the Lab gallery. Not everything in there was good but some thought-provoking stuff in their main exhibition, “em-bracing”. The theme of the exhibition was how internet technology has affected our lives and our bodies in an increasingly connected world.

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8. EWI - May 17, 2022

Anne Harris: Is it time for Ireland to give Bono a break?
Bono and the Edge’s performance in Kyiv took courage, humility – and intelligence


Also Bono: here’s my new autobiography, launching this week. Harris’s brief seems to consist entirely of edgelord trolling pieces; McRedmond and Emerson must feel like their turf’s being invaded.

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mal - May 17, 2022

It seems like there have been a lot of “give Bono a chance” articles in the press over the last year or so, mostly saying that that it’s bad taste to kick a multimillionaire while he’s down or that he does a lot of work for charity. Maybe if we have another recession people will remember what he said about the last one.

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9. sonofstan - May 20, 2022

Saw it on the BFI player which I don’t think is accessible outside the U of K, but worth looking for – Ali& Ava by Clio Bernard. A very Yorkshire story, in that no one is from Yorkshire ‘originally’, the affair between 2nd gen Irish Ava and 2nd gen Pakistani Ali is beautifully done: if you can imagine Eric Rohmer directing a Ken Loach script, you might get the idea. Really subtle about race and gender – Ava has the Proclamation on her wall, and likes country music, but her Irishness no more defines her than Ali’s Asian-ness. Both are as English as it comes, which confronts the over-identification of her son with the flag, and whiteness, and defuses it.

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banjoagbeanjoe - May 20, 2022

Sounds great. Like something that might, just might, restore one’s faith in England… in contract to the Toldpuddle martyrs thing on the other thread.


10. Michael Carley - May 22, 2022

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