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That latest ST/B&A weekend poll May 17, 2022

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Sinn Féin at 36%. As The Sunday Times notes:

Support for Sinn Fein in the Republic has risen four points to 36 per cent in the wake of last week’s assembly elections, where it became the largest political party in Northern Ireland, according to a Behaviour & Attitudes poll for The Sunday Times.

It’s early days but not sure the dog in a manger approach of FG and FF to the result in the Assembly is getting traction if this poll is to be believed. And, naturally, SF doing well in the North in that context is likely, though not inevitably so, to have ramifications in the southern polity. 

The figures are:

SF: 36% +4
FF: 24% +1
FG: 19% -5
LAB: 5% NC
GP: 2% -2
PBP/S: 2% +1
SD: 2% NC
AON: 1%

IND/Others 9%

It’s not entirely in line with other polls – as can be seen from here where Fine Gael has been a touch ahead of Fianna Fáil. Nor are the parties such as Labour etc polling quite such low numbers in other polls. Independents/Others are down too a bit. But, look, it’s indicative though not as useful – to my mind, as the more frequent polls from the SBP/RedC, etc.

I see some chatter on social media about how a certain legal issue for the Tánaiste may be part of the reason for FG’s less robust numbers. Perhaps. Or perhaps Martin as Taoiseach is doing okay for much of the public, or… who knows.

And SF on 36%? That’s interesting territory for that party.


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