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Unwise in the extreme June 21, 2022

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Talking about the rising Covid numbers yesterday – but here’s a statistic for us all to think about.

“This is where people seem to acquire Covid within a healthcare setting and that has gone up from 61 a couple of weeks ago to about 187. Now again, nothing like the levels we saw back in March this year or late last year but nevertheless a troubling trend,” he said. On vaccinations and hospital cases, Dr Henry said: “The harsh reality is that if you look at hospitalisations, 606 this morning, unfortunately over half have not received their booster and over a third haven’t even got vaccinated in the first place.”

So, over 200 people in hospital unvaccinated with Covid-19 and 300 plus without boosters. Which means by a process of elimination around 100 who have had boosters. It would be useful to have a breakdown by age etc of that latter cohort, but one thing is clear, vaccinations work remarkably well and it is deeply unwise not to be fully vaccinated.

And this is useful.

Dr Eoghan De Barra, consultant in infectious diseases at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, said for the first time in a long time he is seeing patients admitted because of Covid rather than incidental Covid, where they tested positive while in hospital for another reason.

Dr De Barra said it is largely immunocompromised people, who have had some level of vaccination.

“They’re not as sick as in earlier waves but still needed hospital care,” said Dr De Barra.

And he notes that all the indications are of massive spread of the virus more widely. 

But the effectiveness of vaccines does not take away from the utility of other measures. As people will gather I’d be deeply against lockdowns or similar measures, and in truth since the vaccines and boosters there has been no clear utility in that approach, short of a more lethal variant, but simply to ease pressures on workers in the health service some minor measures would appear appropriate.


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