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An off-peak entertainments scheme – why? June 23, 2022

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It’s not the worst idea, but why is it needed? Could this be because people still aren’t going into pubs and nighttime venues in the expected numbers? 

Interesting too what is considered off-peak. 

off peak times from Monday to Thursday (excluding weekends) from 6pm onwards.

This very much dovetails with my own experience of Dublin City centre in the last month or two where Monday to Thursday is remarkably quiet after 6pm in pubs and other venues. Not all, it must be noted, but many. And it wasn’t this way three years ago.

Two possible reasons. Firstly, a hesitancy about returning to such places given the pandemic. Secondly, the cost of living crisis. And a blend of that is that some people sussed just how expensive it is to drink out and started drinking at home is a factor – and it really is. Pints are expensive, even in the cheapest context. And people are feeling the pinch. The cost of living crisis isn’t a media or Sinn Féin invention.

Which makes me wonder how effective these off-peak entertainments schemes are going to be because if one doesn’t have the money then all the entertainments in the world aren’t going to entice one back indoors (and if there are issues with the virus, that too will have an impact).


1. NFB - June 24, 2022

I would add a third there, and suggest that some people just aren’t into pubs as much for aesthetic reasons for lack of a better term. Going out in Dublin at night is an unpleasant experience at times, the city only seems to get less attractive. A few drinks in your home with friends, or maybe the park on a nice day, is just less hassle and, again for lack of a better term, safer.

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WorldbyStorm - June 24, 2022

That’s very true, pubs are an odd environment in some ways. And can be uncomfortable – I hate crowded pubs where you can’t talk. And the price – sheesh.


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