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Left Archive: Looking Forward/looking back, People’s Democracy, c1990s? June 27, 2022

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Many thanks to the person who donated this to the Archive.

This short document is part of a discussion within People’s Democracy around the time the organisation was – as the above suggests – ‘wound up’. It is a most interesting document that accepts

…the failure of our organisation, our programme and our political understanding to date. The list is pretty long: the national question, the republicans, an accommodationism and lack of political clarity that time and again made our members ambassadors for campaigns within the party rather than ambassadors for the party within campaigns, a political economy that was wildly out of date, a failure to identify and get to grips with the problems of the working class movement. An internationalism that left us content on the margins of Europe.

Across a page and a half it asks ‘Why a programme?’, ‘Why not a campaign?’  and asserts ‘the need for a project for workers power’.

An important insight into a formation that had played a significant role in Northern Ireland.



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