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Reasonable, all too reasonable June 30, 2022

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We live in an age where despite ferocious reaction we are often presented with seemingly reasonable proposals that on any consideration are anything but. For example. The Guardian noted this in relation to protests against the end of Roe versus Wade.

Meanwhile, a pickup truck ploughed through protesters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, hospitalizing one woman [at protests]. The Cedar Rapids police department declined to comment on the incident.

The state recently passed a law making it legal for drivers to hit protesters with vehicles in certain circumstances. Other states in the US have passed similar laws.

I was minded to follow that link which brings one to this story.

It’s not entirely clear if the bill has fully passed but note the explanation:

Proponents say the bill would protect drivers who are trapped during unlawful protests occurring on roadways and grant them immunity if they are trying to carefully maneuver out of the area of an unlawful protest.

Whereas the ACLU and others argue:

But that provision has drawn concern from opponents, who argue it extends protections to negligent drivers and sends the wrong message when paired with the other provisions of the bill affecting protesters. 

So, so reasonable, the arguments for this bill but, in practice, potentially anything but.

That’s the times we live in.



1. Gearóid Clár - June 30, 2022

We’re only in June, but I think this will be the most “What the f*ck?!” news moment for me in 2022:

“The state recently passed a law making it legal for drivers to hit protesters with vehicles in certain circumstances.”

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WorldbyStorm - June 30, 2022



2. mal - July 2, 2022

Heather Heyer will be 5 years dead next month.

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WorldbyStorm - July 2, 2022

And this is the sort of legislation that comes in the wake of her murder. It’s abysmal.


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