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Marxism 2022, London: A festival of socialist ideas July 1, 2022

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Marxism 2022: A festival of socialist ideas

About this event

Marxism 2022 is a festival of socialist ideas in East London including debates, workshops, live music, a culture tent, film screenings and more. Socialists across the globe will be debating the fight for a better world. Speakers include:

Jeremy Corbyn MP and Gary Younge in the Bookmarks tent · Lowkey · Hannah Lowe · Yanis Varoufakis · Muzan Alneel · Tariq Ali · Janet Alder · Ilan Pappe · Sukhdev Reel · Jeff Sparrow · Laura Miles · Mike Davis · Shahd Abusalama · David Rosenberg · Anne Alexander · Michael Roberts · and more!

For full timetable visit our website.

Themes we will be discussing include:

System change not climate change · BLM: Race, class and revolution · Is revolution possible in the 21st century? · Marxism, gender and trans liberation · Marx and Marxism today · Smashing sexism and the system · Palestine, Zionism and the fight for liberation · Imperialism and the growing threat of war.

We’re back — in person! The event is at Queen Mary University in East London. If you can’t attend in person due to covid, you’ll be able to stream in online.

Marxism Festival is the place to discuss how we can change the world. From the climate catastrophe to the rising threat of war, we’ll be debating how best we can fight for a different kind of society. Don’t miss it!


1. Colm B - July 1, 2022

Given the comments in another thread, I can’t help but noticing that we have a session on “Smashing sexism” in an event organised by a party, the SWP, whose current leadership covered up for a rapist and who lost about a third of its membership in the ensuing scandal. Not, sadly, that they are the only left org that had/have such issues, but surely none so barefaced in their hypocrisy!


2. Tomboktu - July 1, 2022

Mike Davis’s wife announced a few days ago that he has stopped treatment fur cancer and is entering palliative care.

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3. Michael Carley - July 1, 2022

Being held at a university which is imposing viciously punitive pay deductions on staff taking industrial action, bordering on a lockout.

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4. Gearóid Clár - July 1, 2022

Ah jaysis, I’m thinking twice about this now!


5. banjoagbeanjoe - July 1, 2022

They used to have a Marxism in Dublin. This year?


E - July 2, 2022

SWN has this Socialism 2022 event in the Teachers Club in Dublin next weekend


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GearóidGaillimh - July 2, 2022

Marxism in Dublin is on in November usually.

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6. Gearóid Clár - July 2, 2022

I just realised as well that it’s unfortunate timing, given Pride is on this weekend in London, so a lot of the politically engaged people here will be at that instead today – maybe that’s the SWP deliberately ploughing their own furrow then!

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