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Sunday Independent/Ireland Thinks Poll July 2, 2022

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The latest poll from that source records:

SF 36 +1

FG 22 +2

FF 15 -2

GP 4 +1


SD 3 -2




As the Independent notes, in this poll SF is now just 1 point behind FG and FF combined.


1. Tomboktu - July 2, 2022

I know this isn’t seats, and I definitely know that the definition of ‘Left’ in the following is not one anybody subscribes to, but…

SF 36% + LP 4% + SD 3% + SOL-PBP 3% + GP 4% = a (very) ‘broad’ Left of 50%.

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WorldbyStorm - July 2, 2022

Still it’s indicative and you could add in a percentage point from Ind Others perhaps.

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Tomboktu - July 3, 2022

Well, when I see ‘IND’ I think Mattie McGrath and Cathal NATIO (Or Whatever His Real Name Is).

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2. Paul Culloty - July 3, 2022

Interesting presidential poll – can’t imagine Kenny, Ahern or Adams would actually run, but indicative of the support party candidates might expect:

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NFB - July 3, 2022

Murphy is someone I could see strolling to the Aras if she ran against the others, but I don’t she’d be interested. Much more useful to the state where she is.

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Fergal - July 3, 2022

I know this is grossly unfair etc but Mairéad McGuiness does my head in. I think it’s her voice/accent but especially her smugness or how condescending she is… suffers from the ‘extreme centrist’ disease ‘I’m always right… always’


WorldbyStorm - July 3, 2022

It is the centrist thing isn’t it?


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