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‘Blade Runner’ at 40 July 3, 2022

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Difficult to believe, and a film I didn’t see until I think the 1990s. I really like it, always have and on a number of rewatches liked it better. And I also enjoyed the sequel even if that was less compelling narratively the visuals were remarkable.

These aren’t unproblematic films. The depiction of women for one thing, and even on their own terms the world-building is pretty slapdash, but for all that they offered an aesthetic vision of the future so robust in its own way that in the following years few films or television shows that were science fiction-adjacent were complete without ventilation fans backlit by searchlights, strobes and dry ice.

A very close friend hates Harrison Ford in this (and most other films he appears in) but while I get that I can’t help but feel in some ways he was made for the part. Wooden dovetails neatly with the questions about humanity the film raises. Good piece on the film here.


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