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A larger Dáil July 5, 2022

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Speaking of election projections and all that follows on foot of that there’s a consensus that the number of TDs must increase to reflect population numbers, and this consensus reaches into government:

As noted in the last week:

Minister Donohoe told Newstalk Breakfast this would be what he supports.

“In order to stand by the requirement that our Constitution has regarding adequate representation for our country, and the right number of TDs for the size of our population, if we need to increase the size of our Dáil to do that I believe that is the right thing to do.

And tellingly:

He also says he “wouldn’t support a referendum to reduce the number of our TDs.”

“Whatever challenges, and I know we have many with political life, I still believe every citizen in our country is entitled to the same level of representation.

“And if that involves changing our Dáil, and the size of our Dáil to do that, that’s the case that I would make”.

But there’s a logistical issue – as was noted if I recall correctly by Tomboktu recently:

Work has started to figure out how to fit more TDs into the next Dáil.

The Office of Public Works (OPW) has been asked to find ways to accommodate between nine and 19 extra deputies in Leinster House.

There are just 169 active seats in Leinster House, which is fine for the current Dáil of 160.

But the next Dáil will see the highest ever number of TDs, somewhere between 169 and 179.

The Oireachtas has asked the OPW to come up with suggestions for how to house the extra bodies.

Narrow the walkways down, narrow the chairs (in a time of Covid – hmmm). Just where can one put the extra 9-19?


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