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Attention seeker  August 5, 2022

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Fascinating to see how Liz Truss is firing rhetorical shots every which way. For example:

Truss, the clear favourite ahead of Rishi Sunak to win the final round of the Tory leadership election, won cheers and loud applause from party activists when she said the best thing to do about Sturgeon’s demands for an independence referendum was to ignore her. “She’s an attention seeker, that’s what she is,” said Truss.


“What we need to do is show the people of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales what we are delivering for them and making sure that all of our government policies apply right across the United Kingdom.”

And note:

“Nicola Sturgeon can carry on talking about an independence referendum. We had the referendum in 2014. It was agreed it was once in a generation. I didn’t realise a generation happened within 10 years. That doesn’t make any sense.” Asked if that was an “absolute no” to a second independence referendum, she repeated Margaret Thatcher’s often quoted response: “No, no, no.

Not just Scotland. Here the Welsh First Minister came into her sights:

Liz Truss tonight set her sights on the Welsh First Minister – just days after saying she would “ignore” his counterpart in Scotland.

Ms Truss, who is the favourite to succeed Boris Johnson, dismissed Labour’s Mark Drakeford as a “low energy Jeremy Corbyn” and told the party faithful: “I will crack down on his negativity.”

One need hardly mention the attitude to Northern Ireland (or indirectly to this independent state).

Mind you, attacking the elected representatives of the people in Scotland and Wales seems an odd way to go about matters. Does that not whip up support for Sturgeon and Scottish independence? Most likely, Truss is utterly consumed by the short-term goal of winning the leadership and who cares about anything else. Does this presage further efforts to diminish devolution in the United Kingdom?


1. irishfabian+ - August 5, 2022

Another right wing tory leader will push Scotland to independence. I hope that it will be peaceful

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2. Colm B - August 5, 2022

You’re right, Truss will continue to advance the process of the collapse of the British state, as will the clueless Starmer. Every opportunistic pandering to British (English nats plus loyalism) nationalism on both their parts puts another nail in the coffin of that decaying post-imperial entity.

Of course you can’t rule out the desperate use of state and para-state violence in any transition to Scottish independence or Irish unity, just as the Spanish state reacted to the Catalan movement. I guess socialists have to think carefully about what the best response to such state violence might be.

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