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Choice politics August 5, 2022

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Early days, but the results from the Kansas abortion referendum does suggest that the reversal on Roe versus Wade at federal level may have concentrated minds at state level.

The victory – and its sheer scale in a usually reliably Republican and socially conservative state like Kansas – has sent shockwaves through the United States and provided a shot in the arm for efforts to protect abortion rights under siege across America.

And the vote was clearcut – 59% to 41% in favour of  protecting abortion rights in the state. And this on a turnout of just shy 50%. What’s notable is how this is a Red state, and one that gave Trump a 15% lead over Biden in 2020. And some interesting straws in the wind – one commentator noted “But we were close in a lot of rural areas and that really made the difference – I’m just so grateful,” she said.

And this:

Last year, the Republican state legislature put this measure on the primary ballot, rather than the November general election ballot, likely because they knew primary voters tend to be more conservative than the overall electorate. In addition, the language Republicans put on the ballot was confusing and misleading. For example, the ballot language says the amendment would stop state funding for abortion, even though the state already bans public funding for abortion.

And this:

Ashley All, the spokesperson for KCF, said the success of their campaign was testament to non-partisanship – and other states should take heed. “It will be interesting for other states to watch this, and see this is not a partisan issue,” she said.

How does this play more widely? And what of the impact on Republican candidates. Candidates like the one referenced here in the Guardian.

Tudor Dixon, the Trump-backed winner of Tuesday’s Michigan Republican gubernatorial primary, believes that a 14-year-old raped by a relative should be forced to carry her pregnancy to term. “Yeah, perfect example,” she told an interviewer.

Early days. 

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