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Unidentified Aerial Phenomena August 6, 2022

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Useful this, from The Conversation and a piece by astronomer John Curtin that notes, for all the talk about footage of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) from United States military aircraft, a more prosaic debate  was held at US Congressional hearings on the issue.

A much more prosaic line of thought is governments are interested in unexplained aerial phenomena – especially those within their own sovereign airspace – because they may represent technologies developed by an adversary.

Indeed, most discussion at the recent hearing revolved around potential threats from UAPs, on the basis they were such human-made technologies.

And the key point?

None of the public testimony went any way towards supporting a conclusion that alien spacecraft have crashed on, or visited, Earth. The hearings did include closed classified sessions that presumably dealt with more sensitive security information.

Which is not to say that the footage released doesn’t show something. Curtin also has some neat points about the realities of the situation:

With radars constantly scanning space, billions of mobile phone cameras, and hundreds of thousands of amateur astronomers photographing the sky (as well as professional astronomers with powerful telescopes), there should be a lot of really good evidence in the hands of the general public and scientists – not just governments.

He comes to the conclusion:

It’s much more likely the UAPs presented in evidence are home-grown, or due to natural phenomena we don’t yet understand.

In some ways those conclusions are even more interesting than the implausible idea that they are alien.


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