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Socialist Voice – August, CPI August 7, 2022

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The August issue of Socialist Voice is now available online: https://socialistvoice.ie/category/article/latest/

or PDF  https://socialistvoice.ie/downloads/


Workers in Ireland need a substantial pay rise to match CEOs’ pay rises and profits  Eugene McCartan

As every worker knows, the cost of living is spiralling far beyond pay increases. More and more working families have their backs against the wall, trying to survive. In particular, the cost of energy has been rising for the last eighteen months or more, which has been added to from 

What are enhanced Defence Forces for?  Tommy McKearney

In the 26 Counties there is a housing crisis, a shamefully inadequate two-tier health service, a decrepit public transport system, and a grave shortage of affordable accommodation for third-level students. As always, the impact of this failure by the state is felt most acutely by working people. It raises the […]

Capitalism is destroying the world  Jimmy Corcoran

In the official ideology of the Irish state, the Industrial Development Authority comes in for special praise as one of the main agencies that helped “modernise” the Irish economy—i.e. opened it up to penetration by foreign, mostly American, capital. It has been lauded as a latter-day David that outfought Goliath […]

Public transport and the race to the bottom  Jimmy Doran

…a profit of €4,193 per worker. Coincidentally, Go-Ahead Bus pay their drivers €4,000 per year less than Dublin Bus pay theirs…

Does militant union pay bargaining increase class-consciousness?

Niall Cullinane

In the July Voice, Nicola Lawlor proposed that “individual unions should concentrate on… strengthening themselves and militantly pursuing big pay claims.” She argues that unions should not be “remov[ed from] pay bargaining [at the workplace] site of struggle and mobilisation.” Localised bargaining is “an instrument… for increasing class-consciousness and militancy […]

The Free Staters’ Red nightmare  Mícheál Mac Aonghusa

Students of the coup d’état of 1922 will be interested in the following letter, which appeared in the Freeman’s Journal of 5 August 1922 under the headline “Irregulars’ Eager Allies | Policy of the Communist Party of Ireland.” The following excerpts from The Workers’ Republic of 28th July—the “official organ […]

New family code in Cuba  Clover Carroll

On the 1st of February this year the Cuban government began drafting a new family code for the country’s constitution. This new family code will change how the state sees a family, which will broaden rights for many citizens, including children and the LGBTQ+ community. The drafting of the new […]

A story of capitalist contradiction  Sajeev Kumar

This is an old story that is told in Marxist circles, still relevant, and never loses its novelty. It’s a conversation between a little girl and her mother during a cold winter evening in London when the father has not returned after going out in search of a job. The […]

Stranger than fiction

4th August 2022 by Laura Duggan

Anyone who is politically active knows the importance of reading—and knows the weight of books one ought to have read. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of works to be read and the knowledge to acquire and process, and not only from weighty political tomes. For […]

CPI participates in conference organised by CPC

4th August 2022 by Editor

At the end of July the Communist Party of Ireland participated in an on-line International Marxist Parties Forum organised by the Communist Party of China. The theme of the forum was “Adapting Marxism to the National Conditions and the Times of the 21st Century.” The CPI was represented by Eugene […]

Orpen and Keating  Gabriel Rosenstock

Two bilingual tanka, in Irish and English, “Hail the Deserters” and “Weeping in their Graves,” 31-syllable poems (5-7-5-7-7), in response to work by two Irish artists, William Orpen and Seán Keating. When the First World War broke out, Orpen’s assistant, Seán Keating, returned to Ireland, avoiding conscription, but Orpen stayed 

Letter – Healthcare & Partition  Paul Doran

It is often said that to know how things work you need to live that experience. Over the last number of years, be it on my holidays in the occupied Six Counties or listening to friends and family, I have heard so many stories of a system that isn’t working […]


1. pangurbán - August 7, 2022

which CP publishes socialist voice?


WorldbyStorm - August 7, 2022

CPI, Dublin!


Aaron - August 9, 2022

The Communist Party Of Ireland

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