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UK polls August 8, 2022

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Checking the polls this morning to see what impact the Tory leadership contest is having the answer so far is less than one might expect.

A number have the BLP at 4-8% ahead of the Tories. A Times poll from a week ago had the BLP at 1% ahead, but polls from that source have varied hugely across the last six months.

All of which is mixed news for the BLP. Because while it is good to be ahead given the sustained and pervasive news from the Tory party this last month or so, much of it not good, but no news is good, one might have expected given the chaos in that party for the BLP to be further ahead. And once a new leader is in place on the Tory side, expect at a minimum a number of polls showing a lead for the Tories. Perhaps quite some number and for quite some time.

One consolation? An unbroken series of poll leads since 6th of December.


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