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15 Years of the Left Archive: British and Irish Communist Organisation… The Irish Communist from 1973. August 9, 2022

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Here’s the first post proper of the Archive, posted this day in 2007 (there was an earlier post which was the genesis of the idea – as noted here). It’s more subjective than later posts and the comments had a great longevity – the most recent being in 2017. Well worth a read.


1. sonofstan - August 9, 2022

Some much missed posters there. Splintered sunrise for one: often, I had no idea what he was on about, but a joy to read nonetheless.

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WorldbyStorm - August 9, 2022

Do you remember he took a very odd turn in the early 2010s? Think he wound up writing a few pieces for the Tablet or one of the English Catholic periodicals. But without question an astute and witty commentator on all matters left.


sonofstan - August 9, 2022

I actually quite enjoyed those bits he did, despite not really being quite sure what he was getting at: I was half convinced it was parody, showing how left factionalism could be mirrored within a quite different sphere….

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WorldbyStorm - August 9, 2022

So did I but it divided the fanbase, I could never work out was it serious or not. I think it probably was, but… then again…


Mat - August 10, 2022

I’m convinced his turn was genuine albeit strange. Always loved his blog both before and after the turn though. It’s funny BICO remained unpleasant through a massive about face, and he remained a good guy during the same.

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