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How many here have caught Covid? August 9, 2022

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Question for those on here, how many have caught Covid once (or twice)? How have you fared? And does anyone know the percentage of those overall in the population in the state who haven’t caught it at all?

And for those curious as to the current state of play here’s an excellent Twitter thread from Andrew Flood.


1. NFB - August 9, 2022

Yes, once, back in March, concurrent with SO. Very manageable symptoms, would describe it as a very mild headcold, and it passed quickly enough: by the time I got a positive test result the worst of it had passed, and I didn’t even miss any work with WFH options. We’re both fully vaccinated. I got a dose of actual flu (flu classic?) a month afterwards (I tested non-stop for COVID for two weeks and got nothing but negatives) and that was ten times worse, especially with the fever.

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2. alanmyler - August 9, 2022

I had COVID in mid/late March (2022) and was in bed for a couple of days with bad muscle aches all over my body and a temperature, headache, loss of appetite. Fully vaccinated / boostered at that point. Most likely an omicrom variant so not too severe. It did take a good few weeks to get my energy levels back up to normal afterwards, it was quite noticeable how tired I felt in the afternoon / evening for maybe up to 6 weeks by the time I was back to more or less normal.

I’ve one brother-in-law who has never had it, and a sister-in-law the same despite her husband having it twice (in 2020 and 2022), although he was symptomless on both occasions and they only discovered it because they regularly do precautionary antigen tests as they mind their daughter’s child. My parents haven’t had it either, but like many people in their 70s/80s they’ve been almost completely socially isolating for a couple of years now, although far less so in recent months thankfully as life is beginning to return to normal.

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3. crocodileshoes - August 9, 2022

Don’t think I’ve had it. Because I visit a relative in a nursing home every week, I’ve been taking 2 antigen tests a week and never had a positive.

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4. Dr Nightdub - August 9, 2022

Dodged the bullet so far – all the more baffling since her nibs got it in April 2021 and I still tested negative on a PCR afterwards, before either of us were vaccinated. She’s now almost 16 months into long Covid so her immune system is in bits. The consequences of re-infection for her could be so catastrophic we’ve basically been cocooning since Omicron came along.

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benmadigan - August 9, 2022

sorry to hear Mrs Nightdub is suffering with long Covid.Seems to be a mystery why some people develop it and others don’t

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5. benmadigan - August 9, 2022

haven’t had it but had vaccines+boost in jan of this year. Despite being surrounded by people who were infected and testing each time to see if I was. Always negative – so far.

Have avoided crowds but not all social activities

Taught and examined online so had no personal contact with students except for a 3-hour tutorial in real life in early May.

Masked up like all colleagues at meetings which are held in rooms with windows wide open

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6. Alibaba - August 9, 2022

Glad to say I didn’t get Covid, though many friends and relatives did. Much to my surprise, tensions developed when some individuals said “I’m not an anti-vaxxer but …” and then proceeded to use social media relentlessly to issue stuff I showed no interest in. Sadly, in one particular case reeking of conspiracy theory, the friendship looks like it has withered.

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7. mal - August 9, 2022

Yes, this July. My own fault for not wearing a mask in crowded areas. Wasn’t very bad – like a headcold – tested negative within a week.

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8. LMS - August 9, 2022

I had it in May. Two days of feeling a bit rotten and tired. The worst of it was over before I tested positive. Definitely was noticeably slow in the head for at least 2 weeks after though.

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9. WorldbyStorm - August 9, 2022

Thanks to you all so far. It’s interesting how patchy it remains. I’ve not caught it yet and it’s not arrived in the house despite teenager. I’ve no illusions as to my immune system being anything special so just waiting for the shoe to drop. But out and about a fair old bit, if not quite ‘normal’ certainly not shying away from meeting people, going indoors, etc while still taking some precautions in crowds or enclosed areas (though on an ad hoc basis). Got to say the vaccines really have given amazing levels of protections generally – and this isn’t to diminish those of us as you describe above who have had some negative outcomes from Covid-19 at all, but simply that they have blunted the worst of it.


10. An Sionnach Fionn - August 9, 2022

Fully vaccinated, COVID hit at Xmas 2021, floored me for three weeks, another couple of months before I felt back to normal (the brain fog was the hardest to shake). Then hit me again in June, three or four days of a mild cold-like symptoms, but got my energy back to normal within a fortnight. Definitely still wary of it and pretty strict on precautions viz hand sanitizing, social distancing etc.


11. Conor Kostick - August 9, 2022

Twice. Once right at the beginning (partner works in the Mater), which was scary because of the images from Italy at the time. But stress aside it was fine. Then again around January I think.

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12. gypsybhoy69 - August 22, 2022

Hadn’t had it coming into July. We were to attend two weddings in London within a month of each other and I thought if we get through them without it, we must be bulletproof. She was feeling pretty bad after coming back from the first wedding but did a couple of tests and tested negative for days. She tested positive five days after getting symptoms that really floored her and for at least a couple of weeks after still felt shit.
I had a feeling that I had it when the ale I normally drink on a Saturday evening tasted weird. Didn’t test positive till the Thursday but I felt I only had a really bad head cold although a couple of weeks on I feel my energy levels are a bit lower.
Hearing of a fair amount of reinfection with some being as bad if not worse than the original infections. Could be another long winter.

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WorldbyStorm - August 22, 2022

Yep. Agreed. Sorry to hear that though. Amazing how many people winding up with it now.


13. banjoagbeanjoe - August 22, 2022

Got it back in March. So did the missus. Main symptom for me was a bad headache for two or three days. Felt crap for maybe five days but overall it wasn’t the worst dose I ever had.
Funny enough I got a similar dose about two months later after a weekend away with a bunch of people. A few of them got the Covid after the weekend. But I did several antigen tests, all negative and then went for a PCR test and negative too.
Anyway, the Covid for me was nasty but not terrible and no lasting after effects.
Going for my second booster on Thursday.

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WorldbyStorm - August 22, 2022

Odd re the weekend away. You’d have to wonder wouldn’t you? But that’s v good to hear you’re ok.


banjoagbeanjoe - August 23, 2022

Well my take on the weekend away…There’s always viruses on the go. Cold, flu viruses. I got one, my friends got Covid at the same time. It’s random, that’s life.

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WorldbyStorm - August 23, 2022

Could be. I hear there’s a lot of colds and so on this summer, apparently a bit unusual due to the season. Could be a rebound effect after social distancing the last two years?


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