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Rolling power blackouts August 10, 2022

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Notable how low key the presentation of this story in the Guardian.

Businesses and even consumers could face power blackouts this winter under government crisis plans as concerns grow over energy supplies, it has emerged.

Under the government’s latest “reasonable worst case scenario”, officials believe the UK could experience blackouts for several days in January if cold weather combines with gas shortages to leave the country short of power.

Concerns are mounting over the toll on households this winter as new forecasts showed annual energy bills are forecast to top £4,200 from January, triggering a warning that Britons face “serious hardship on a massive scale” without government intervention.

Surely this is of huge significance? And yet even in the report linked to above the framing is partly in the context of the Tory leadership election. It’s not that the latter is entirely trivial, but it’s not the key issue (albeit the responses of the candidates to the energy crisis and bills is telling).

But anyhow:

Under the forecasts, which government sources insist are highly unlikely to materialise, the power shortfall could total about a sixth of peak demand even if emergency plans to fire up retiring coal power plants are enacted, Bloomberg reported.

In that scenario, a reduction of electricity imports from Norway and France, combined with low temperatures, would force the government to enact emergency measures to conserve gas for four days in January.

Under the plan the network operator would initially override commercial agreements to direct flows of gas on the system. After that, supplies to gas-fired power stations would be halted, leading to power cuts for businesses and homes.

Presumably aspects of this would impact on this island and this state too? And it’s not as if we are not having problems here.

An amber alert has been issued on the electricity market for the second day in a row.

In a message on the website of the Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO) this morning, the reason given for the amber alert is “a generation shortfall in Ireland”.

Yesterday, Eirgrid said in its statement that the alert meant the buffer between the demand for electricity and the available supply was smaller than optimum.

“It does not indicate a loss of electricity supply to customers,” it added.

The reasons for yesterday’s system alert were low wind, limited electricity imports and some “forced outages” at a number of generators.

Notably: “SEMO is a joint venture between Eirgrid and SONI, the Northern Ireland grid operator.”


1. LMS - August 10, 2022

Already get 3-4 power cuts a year where I live in Dublin 5. I feel like they’re just going to become a fixture as climate change gets worse and capitalism continues its death spiral

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WorldbyStorm - August 10, 2022

Dublin 3 and I think there’s only been one in the last few years. Dublin 5, know it well. That sounds bad, 3-4 a year.


2. NFB - August 10, 2022

Was just saying to SO last night we should stock up on candles, torch batteries, etc, now, before any potential run on them late in the year. It could potentially get quite bad.

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WorldbyStorm - August 10, 2022

Power bank might be no harm too.


yourcousin - August 10, 2022

Honestly, if you’ve got some things prepped it adds a peace of mind. I would also encourage folks to think of think of neighbors, elderly folks etc. It doesn’t take much to make sure check on them or have an extra flash light etc. I always try to make sure my neighbor who’s a widow knows we’re around during power outages or severe weather. She never takes us up on our offers, but at least she knows that she’s not alone.

Also things like insulation, caulking around windows, etc help make things more comfortable and can be done on a personal level.


WorldbyStorm - August 10, 2022

That makes sense. Around here there’s some very elderly folk – they’re powers but do need the support at times like that. What’s your thoughts on power banks?


yourcousin - August 10, 2022

I wouldn’t bother with it, but my boy would love it. Certainly could see the uses for it. I’m more old school and like having propane, frozen gallons of water in the freezer, blankets, lanterns (both kerosene and LED). First Aid Kit, canned goods etc. This isn’t for living in a zombie apocalypse for six months, but allows folks to stay comfortable and safe for a number of days. It also allows you to be able to check on folks as needed. Again, working class solidarity is not an abstract concept, it’s as simple and timeless as loving thy neighbor as thyself.

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