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What you want to say – 10th August 2022 August 10, 2022

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What you want to say – 10th August 2022

As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. sonofstan - August 10, 2022

Even the Spectator knows the game is up:

“Sunak looks like he will run the country like a private equity project, cutting any expense he can and damn the consequences, whilst Truss will run it like a village fete, with boundless enthusiasm and harking back to the old hits”


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2. Blade Sprinter - August 10, 2022

The smart money might be on Jack Chambers, who has impressed many in Fianna Fáil in his role as chief whip.

Lords and saints preserve us, it’s almost enough to drive an atheist into the arms a deity.

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3. mal - August 10, 2022

Rock For Culture tomorrow at 6pm, marching from the Holiday Inn hotel to An Bord Pleanála to protest the recent application to turn the Fibber McGee’s smoking area into hotel rooms. I’m not totally certain about this one (Fibber’s is a for-profit business after all) but it’ll be an interesting night at the least.

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mal - August 12, 2022

No march in the end but a protest gathered outside the Holiday Inn. Speeches from event organiser Saturn Wölflöw, James Kearney from Labour Youth, and someone whose name I didn’t catch, as well as burlesque from someone whose name I also didn’t catch, drag from Coco Ri and music from a dj and one of the Deadlians.

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mal - August 13, 2022

PS: it’s gonna be back and bigger next month.

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4. Tomboktu - August 11, 2022

Overheard an American couple on the train to Belfast say they were going to see the Titanic. I didn’t have the heart to tell them it’s still at the bottom of the ocean.

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5. sonofstan - August 11, 2022

Got an email from my energy company warning me what’s in store come October. The notion that average power bills might reach 5k -about a sixth of the average household income, is insane.
Poll tax moment for the Thatcher re-boot?

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sonofstan - August 11, 2022

And meanwhile, the leader of the opposition role seems to be a job share between Martin Lewis, Mick Lynch, Ed Davey and Gordon Brown.

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6. LMS - August 11, 2022

Really sad and angry to see the IRFU ban trans women from competing in women’s contact rugby. Two registered players will be banned from playing in Ireland now. The fact that it’s only two people goes to show how stupid it is to enact these kinds of bans, the potential harm to those two players doesn’t bear thinking about and what are the IRFU gaining from banning them? Safety of the other players wrt physical size etc they say… my arse! In that case where’s the weight limit? How can a 40kg player be allowed on to the pitch with a 100kg player?
This is such a wedge issue for the right as well and in a country where generally corporations and sporting bodies etc. will tie a very PC line around queer issues it’s dreadful to see something like this being implemented.

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WorldbyStorm - August 11, 2022

I saw that, can’t understand given such small numbers involved why not individual by individual?


Tomboktu - August 13, 2022



7. Tomboktu - August 11, 2022

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8. Tomboktu - August 12, 2022

Telling that RTÉ’s News at One’s coverage of house prices is by their business correspondent, not the social affairs correspondent.

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9. Tomboktu - August 12, 2022

This is interesting: we found and then forgot how to prevent scurvy.


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10. Michael Carley - August 13, 2022
WorldbyStorm - August 13, 2022

“”The news is not good,” Andrew Wylie, his book agent, wrote in an email.

He said: “Salman will likely lose one eye; the nerves in his arm were severed, and his liver was stabbed and damaged.””

Very grim.


11. Tomboktu - August 13, 2022


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roddy - August 13, 2022

What is the definition of a creche – A car accident on the Malone rd.

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Tomboktu - August 14, 2022

although these exits are at the city end of Malone Road, where the buildings are still attached to each other.

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12. crocodileshoes - August 13, 2022

The interview with Brother Kevin Crowley in Saturday’s Irish Times would nearly convert me to Christianity.

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13. Michael Carley - August 13, 2022

The interview with Mick Lynch will have converted a few people.

And he was treated respectfully, which might be because the hosts weren’t political journos?

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Bartholomew - August 14, 2022

That’s a great interview, thanks. And he’s right about tattoos!

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14. Tomboktu - August 15, 2022

It’s a month today since I applied to renew my passport. Acording to the Department of Foreign Affairs, it should have taken ten working days (and that is still the average time they give).

This morning, after the 9.20 update, the site shows it is still about two thirds along the ‘processing’ bar. But that bar has dark segments that scroll to the right, so the passport processing must be moving too. Except it’s been stuck at the same place for over a week now.


15. Tomboktu - August 16, 2022

Is Robert Troy’s undeclared second house a resigning matter?
Will Barry Cowen have views on that question?
Will Micheál Martin have views on that question?

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16. tomasoflatharta - August 16, 2022
17. yourcousin - August 17, 2022

Totally non political statement. Well it could be depending on context, but…

Love your family. Especially when they’re good people. It helps keep your politics rooted in a place of love. Cliche/trite/sappy, but true.

Celebrate the people who you may only see once or twice a year but who make you smile or laugh. I’ve been blessed with an extended family that I loved seeing.

I was also lucky that I grew up in a family of strong women so displays of affection were normal. So go for the hug instead of the hand shake.

It’s not because we always agree on politics (sometimes quite the opposite), but the love fuels me and as I transitioned from an angry young man to a semi complacent middle aged man. That love has renewed my drive a better world.

PSA over.

PS. Family should really be read as your community. Not strictly relatives.

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18. Tomboktu - August 17, 2022

I switched on Morning Ireland to hear a politician being so vigorously interviewed about Navan hospital that it was hostile.

The interviewer — Gavin Jennings — cut across him as he started to answer a ‘question’ that was in fact an assertion that the politician was wrong. And the politician had to repeatedly make a point that the review of the hospital is not doing what the interviewer said it is doing.

I didn’t recognise the politician’s voice, but at the end I realised why the interview was so hostile: it was the Sinn Féin TD for Meath East.

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19. tomasoflatharta - August 21, 2022

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