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CLR meet in early October  September 24, 2022

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The Social Committee has asked me to post up a mention that we’re planning to meet in Buswells on Tuesday 11th of October, circa 6-7 pm for a drink and chat. All welcome, all welcome whether new or those who have been before.


1. banjoagbeanjoe - September 24, 2022

Good stuff. In the diary. I won’t be there till about 8pm. My Gaeilge singing class finishes at 7.15.

Just to start the banter. A friend on Facebook who I’ve never met in real life put up a post decrying the fact that the Irish government had instructed that the tricolour be flown at half mast above Leinster House and the GPO as a mark of respect on the death of the British Queen Elizabeth. My fb friend was livid, raging about it. Then I read the comments and every commenter was madder than the next about it. The people running the country were denounced as West Brits and Shoneens.
I always knew that WBS was deep code.

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WorldbyStorm - September 24, 2022

Did the flags fly at half mast, and did anyone notice?


Tomboktu - September 24, 2022

I’ll notice that <pedantry_on> those flags on the buildings were not fitting at half mast. They were at half staff.<pedantry_off>


banjoagbeanjoe - September 24, 2022

I was told they did. Few enough noticed I’d say. Don’t want to hijack the thread but good government decision if they did. What do you do when someone dies belonging to the neighbour who you often don’t get along with? The next time you meet them, or at the funeral, you shake their hand and say sorry for your trouble. It costs you nothing and increases the likelihood that the neighbour might make more of an effort to get on with you from then on in. Same thing here… our neighbours across the water and more importantly our neighbours in the north – a gesture that costs us nothing might just help a teeny weeny bit in our relations with them.

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Tomboktu - September 24, 2022

Whatever about the flags in Dublin, I thought this was interesting:

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2. polly - September 28, 2022

Oh darn it , I haven’t been out of Dublin in 2 years but I’ll be away that Tuesday.

Go on, have your fun, don’t worry about me.

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banjoagbeanjoe - September 28, 2022

Just for clarity… I’m liking and laughing at the last line, not the first one!


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