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Unsupported political assertions and facts September 27, 2022

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Some of the media is in trouble over statements as to numbers at the march on Saturday, and proper order too if such statements can’t be supported. But here’s another example of a not dissimilar dynamic. For during last week RTÉ reported this:

Ceann Comhairle Seán Ó Fearghaíl has “rejected outright” a statement made in the Dáil yesterday “that the Chair was not providing protection to the Government from opposition heckling and interruptions”.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin had yesterday said that there were frequent heckles and interruptions when he was speaking in the chamber, adding that those who were interrupting were not being “pulled up”.

Which sent the Ceann Comhairle and the Clerk of the Dáil off to review Leaders’ Questions and the Order of Business. 

And, surprise, surprise, this is what they found:

It revealed “a typical session with interruptions and heckling from many sides,” he said.

“What I also saw was the now normal habit of some leaders ignoring the chair, its requests and its remonstrations,” he added.

“So, reverting to the chair only when the temperature rises in the chamber, in light of the foregoing, is in my view understandably futile and unfair,” he said.

Isn’t it notable the rather unlovely phenomenon of the government’s largest formations bemoaning the supposed heckling and interruptions, and indeed criticism from the opposition (much of this directed against a particular opposition party). An interest in political activity has unfortunately had me watching Oireachtas debates across the last twenty odd years. I can’t say I’ve seen any great difference between the present situation and that, of say, the interactions between Labour and the then FF-PD governments, or indeed the GP during the same period. Oppositions oppose, governments defend. Sometimes it gets heated, sometimes not. What I have seen, and factoring in that SF is, like all opposition parties far from angels in the crucible of parliamentary exchanges,  very heated attitude to SF from some in FF, almost a willingness and overwillingness to take or find offence. One can certainly suggest that that attitude hasn’t been of much use to FF in that time if polls are to be believed. It doesn’t seem like a stretch to argue that many of the complaints being made are a function of that.


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