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Bibliography of Irish left publications October 7, 2022

Posted by Aonrud ⚘ in Uncategorized.

We’ve added a bibliography of Irish left publications to the left archive website, which you can find here.

This includes a list of publications that aren’t in the archive, which it seemed useful to have a record of without making it harder to search the collection by cluttering it with publications of which there are no examples.

Some of them are available elsewhere online, particularly more contemporary ones that are usually available as PDFs; others aren’t, to my knowledge, scanned anywhere.

If anyone knows of others that should be listed, please let us know in the comments.

You’ll find the list here – you can sort the entries by clicking a heading.

Note: one or two non-Irish publications have slipped in to the list, because those not attached to an organisation aren’t marked with a location. We’ll hopefully get that corrected soon.


1. Alibaba - October 7, 2022

A splendid collection of publications and shrewd noting of the history of organisations involved. And seeking to make the Archive even better. Fair fucks to you!

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WorldbyStorm - October 8, 2022

+1 All Aonghus’s work. It’s fantastic.


2. John Goodwillie - October 7, 2022

If you are interested in being aware of further publications not represented in the Archive, I did a list in Saothar 11 (1986): ‘Lesser Marxist Movements in Ireland: a bibliography, 1934-1984’.

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Aonrud ⚘ - October 8, 2022

Thanks John, that’s very useful. Looking at your article, I can already see some to be added to the list.

To be honest, I imagine our list is far from complete. There are definitely more anarchist publications in the North, for example, but it can be difficult to piece together the relationship to Organise! in some cases.


3. Aonrud ⚘ - October 22, 2022

Been chipping away at this, so there are a good few more entries now. Also, it was getting a bit unweildy, so there’s a search and filter added to the page too.

Thanks John Goodwillie for pointing to your article in Saothar. Between that, a list Conor McCabe previously published online, and the catalogues of the NLI and Linen Hall, it should be much more comprehensive (though no doubt still incomplete).


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