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The latest poll December 3, 2022

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Interesting that the Sunday Independent leads with the story that the public would apparently according to polls refer Micheál Martin to stay on rather than swap with Leo Varadkar. Similarly the public wants Paschal Donohoe to remain in office in the Department of Finance. Who can blame it after years of hectic change and instability? The public, of course, didn’t write the agreement to go into government between the two parties and therefore its wishes are irrelevant.

Still, it’s a bit more exciting than the actual poll where there’s no real change. Fine Gael has added a couple of percentage points, SOL-PBP has lost some and there’s even more marginal movement for the Independents and Social Democrats. All told it remains remarkably static, with SF at 34% (NC), FG at 23% (+2), FF 17% (NC) though consider the wish to retain Martin in the context of that, IND/Others at 9% (-1), SDs at 5% (+1), Aontú at 4% (NC), SOL-PBP at 3% (-2), LP at 3% and GP at 3% (NC in both cases).


1. Paul Culloty - December 3, 2022

Who knew that Aontú and Independent voters would be most concerned about immigration?

Not surprised by the FF figure, given where their votes are largely concentrated, but is there a danger re where SF voters may go if they eventually become disillusioned with them in a future coalition?

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roddy - December 3, 2022

Theres hardly a big % difference between SF and PBP voters on the issue and as working class areas are where immigration is highest it is good to see that the vast majority of people in those areas have not succumbed to blaming other marginalised people for their woes.

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WorldbyStorm - December 3, 2022

Interesting how GP supporters are the ones least exercised by it.


Michael Carley - December 4, 2022

Who knew that FG voters would be as concerned as PBP voters are?

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2. John O Brien - December 3, 2022

I wish we stopped this Caesar type approach to the Taoiseach office. It harms coalition governments. It is a jobs swap. The 2 leaders will still be part of the collective leadership of the government.

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3. roddy - December 3, 2022

Also interesting that SF are unchanged at 34% despite all the shite being thrown at them recently.

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WorldbyStorm - December 4, 2022

Yeah, that thought struck me too. Suspect that the framing around the last poll before this one was fairly dubious.

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