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Sunday and other stupid statements of the week December 4, 2022

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From the SPB this seems an odd phrasing.

China’s acceptance of authoritarian communist rule for decades can be a cause for bemusement across the western world. Chinese people forfeit freedoms and civil liberties in a way that we Europeans could never tolerate.

Sarah Carey seems to entirely misunderstand the Good Friday Agreement:

I fear a border poll. I fear it will descend into the worst kind of tribalism. Just look where we are now. In Northern Ireland , the Good Friday Agreement constructed a system of government on the primal foundations of political identity, both nationalist and unionist. It was effective in many ways.

However, nearly 25 years later, Northern Ireland politicians have failed to keep a small regional assembly functioning. It is pathetic, but an inevitable result when the disaster of identity was baked into the Agreement.


As noted by Aonrud in comments, this from the Guardian during the week took a toxic slant.

England and Wales are now minority Christian countries, according to the 2021 census, which also shows that Leicester and Birmingham have become the first UK cities to have “minority majorities”.

The census revealed a 5.5 million (17%) fall in the number of people who describe themselves as Christian and a 1.2 million (43%) rise in the number of people who say they follow Islam, bringing the Muslim population to 3.9 million. In percentage-point terms, the number of Christians has dropped by 13.1, and the number of Muslims has risen by 1.7.

It is the first time in a census of England and Wales that fewer than half of the population have described themselves as Christian.

All other examples welcome…


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