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Left Archive: ‘Join the Revolutionary Housing League’, Revolutionary Housing League leaflet, 2022 December 5, 2022

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Many thanks to Mal for forwarding the above to the Archive.

This leaflet from the Revolutionary Housing League invites readers ‘to join’ and asserts that the RHL ‘is an all-island revolutionary organisation established to take action again the housing crisis’. While it isn’t clear on the leaflet this does appear to be similar to materials from Anti-Imperialism Ireland and if anyone is involved it would be useful to clarify the status of the organisation for the Archive. RHL have been involved in occupations and similar actions.

The leaflet notes that there are over ‘180,000 vacant properties across the country, while over 11,000 are homeless.’ It argues that property is ‘dominated by corporate landlords – vulture funds’.

It continues:

In order to tackle the housing crisis the RHL is organising the Irish people to take housing back under our control, rejecting the system that has neglected us. We need to build a mass campaign of housing resistance across the thirty-two counties, challenging those who cause and profit from the housing crisis; mobilising and organising the people who oppose it.

The Revolutionary Housing League states that it bases its authority ‘on the people of Ireland’ and remain ‘true to the Irish Republic’s Democratic Programme of 1919’. 

It concludes:

Join the Revolutionary Housing League today and play your part in building the struggle that will put an end to the housing crisis.’

Note the logo which incorporates the Starry Plough into a five pointed star. 


1. John O Neill - December 5, 2022

It’s going to be difficult to join if there isn’t an address or even a mobile number on the leaflet?

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WorldbyStorm - December 5, 2022

Well spotted John!


Michael Carley - December 5, 2022

Revolutionary initiative test: you’re only allowed join if you’re up to the task of finding them.

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