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SF support in polls December 5, 2022

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A column a week or so back in the Examiner noted:

Sinn Féin’s popular support has fallen to its lowest level in over a year to 31%, while Fine Gael has been given a boost ahead of re-taking the Taoiseach’s office, according to a new national opinion poll.

Sinn Féin led by its President Mary Lou McDonald has seen its support surge upward consistently since the 2020 General Election but its first major reversal since September 2021 sees it down four points from a high of 35%, according to the latest Red C poll published in the Business Post.

Under the headline:

Sinn Féin’s popularity drops as impact of Hutch trial hits support

Which raises an interesting question. Now that a more recent poll has indicated that support for SF remains where it was does that mean that the impact of that trial on its support has ended?


1. roddy - December 5, 2022

Does’nt worry me in the slightest.It’s too soon for govt yet.Better to be streets ahead when conditions are more favourable to get your policies implemented.

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2. banjoagbeanjoe - December 5, 2022

I think WBS pointed out that the poll was taken before the stuff said about Mary Lou by the two gougers was aired in court. So it was most improbable that the small drop in support for SF was anything to do with that. Didn’t stop them choosing that headline though.

Every opportunity to get a dig in against SF will be taken by the mainstream media though. Seems that no matter what dirt they throw, nothing sticks. The days of OSF and RSF and PSF are long gone. It’s TSF now. T for…

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