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As to the ‘protests’…  January 24, 2023

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Heard a range of reports from the so-called ‘protest’ outside the Shelbourne Hotel by anti-refugee/asylum seekers. The very fact it occurred tells us much even if the political power and reach of those involved is limited (though, as in last week’s post on this terrydunne noted, they are already having an impact on the political rhetoric of other parties).

The numbers were low, very low really, underscoring how this is anything but ‘Ireland’s first grassroots movement’. The counter-protest, though laudable, was also ill-attended, and one has to wonder would it be better to build a process by which larger numbers can be fielded on such protests in a longer space of time. For example the counter-protest in East Wall was well attended some weeks back. That sort of activity if the numbers are there seems to have a certain value. 

Una Mullally noted one key point made by Lynn Ruane:

Those taking advantage of discontent do not have communities’ interests at heart. If they did, they would, as Senator Lynn Ruane pointed out, already be working in services that help people, not stoking rage online and off, and leading people not just down the garden path but into a cul de sac where resentment and division fester.


1. banjoagbeanjoe - January 24, 2023

“The counter-protest though laudable was also ill-attended, and one has to wonder would it be better to build a process by which larger numbers can be fielded on such protests in a longer space of time.”

I’ve seen videos of the counter protest. It was well attended. A hundred people at least I’d say. The fascists should be confronted on each and every occasion that they go onto the streets. And kicked literally off the streets when that is possible.

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WorldbyStorm - January 24, 2023

Interesting, there’s been a number of figures put around re this, the Gardaí were saying I think 200 apiece – the Guardian 300 for the counterprotest and 350 for the other crowd. Independent had lower figures.


banjoagbeanjoe - January 24, 2023

350 for the other crowd is bad to hear. I didn’t realize there was that many.
They need to be kicked off the streets but we need to choose our moments. Fight to win.

The brother had a great story for me about an SWP meeting in London in the eighties/nineties. At the time their paper sellers would often come across groups of fascists, NF or BNP or whatever. Yer man the chief guru who founded the SWP was speaking, sorry I’ve forgotten his name. He gave advice to the comrades:
“If there’s five of you out selling papers and you meet twenty fascists, run for it. If there’s ten of you and ten of them, walk away. If there’s twenty of you and ten of them, walk away. If there’s forty of you and ten of them, kick their fucking heads in.”

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E - January 25, 2023

Tony Cliff was his name.

To be fair there were other demos in Clondalkin and Drimnagh at the same time but yes more numbers need to come out.

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roddy - January 24, 2023

I could’nt see many of their leading lights put up much of a fight.They would’nt have much of a record opposing state forces for example .


banjoagbeanjoe - January 24, 2023

In the videos I saw of last Saturday, I didn’t see any SF banners. SF are opposing the fascists and their TDs etc are speaking out. And fair play to them for that. But are they encouraging their members to get out on the streets to oppose the fascists when the fascists are out?


roddy - January 24, 2023

I saw pictures of O’Snodaigh and Daithi Doolan holding placards at the protests.

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Wes Ferry - January 24, 2023

Have you ever been lumbered with carrying around a banner in the city centre on a Saturday afternoon when your comrades are likely to adjourn to a pub afterwards?

Absence of banners doesn’t mean absence of members.


banjoagbeanjoe - January 24, 2023

Fair play then to Ó Snodaigh and Doolan and to any and all SF members who were there. Hopefully more and more will be encouraged out for future demos.

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2. Gearóid Clár - January 24, 2023

One of the racist protests down in Clare had exactly eight people, organised and led by a well-known heroin dealing family in the area. You couldn’t make it up.

Lynn Ruane’s point is great and should be repeated at every opporutnity when it’s not practicable to literally kick them off the streets: “Are you a member of the local school board?” “Have you ever been on a tidy towns clean up?” “How often have you written to your TD about the health crisis before now?”

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Dr Nightdub - January 25, 2023

More generally, none of the racists/fascists have ever campaigned FOR people to be housed, they’ve only ever campaigned AGAINST people being housed.

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WorldbyStorm - January 25, 2023

That’s it. The very definition of reactionary.


3. banjoagbeanjoe - January 25, 2023
4. terrymdunne - January 28, 2023

Thought this piece from the Phoenix made an appropriate point –


terrymdunne - January 28, 2023
WorldbyStorm - January 28, 2023

Disgusting. If the need for protection isn’t already evident surely this is it.


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