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Class numbers January 24, 2023

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This is kind of good.

A small rural primary school in Roscommon has been saved from potential closure by the addition of 14 students from Ukraine.

Lismoil National School in Curraghboy has more than doubled its numbers with 23 pupils now enrolled.

The first group of Ukrainian students began arriving last September and already they have settled into a new way of life, a new language and new friends. The children are enjoying the playground, pitch and sensory garden – a refuge from the turmoil they have left behind in Ukraine.

Not least because it brings resources into the picture – the ones that are lacking from long term under and no funding:

Principal Mary McDermott said: “I wasn’t going to take the children without transport in place and we chased private bus companies, politicians and Government departments for months. Then the Red Cross stepped in and provided funding for 12 weeks until we got a set up with a school bus from the Department of Education.

“We have a bus coming out from town bringing them to school and picking up the children at two and three o’clock . Overall it has worked out well for everybody,” she says.


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