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UK devolution challenge January 27, 2023

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The recent veto by the Westminster parliament in London of Scotland’s transgender rights bill, which was passed by the Scottish Parliament in December, has naturally led to an element of disgust in Scotland over the veto. Not just the vetoing of that particular legislation but the use of the veto itself, and this coming soon after the UK Supreme Court’s judgment rejecting the legality of a new Scottish independence referendum.

Outside of Scotland and various campaign groups, there didn’t seem to be much of an outcry over the UK Government using the veto.

I was reading a piece recently (I can’t recall where) about the horror of many in the Conservative Party over Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland being able to set their own restrictions during Covid. How many now thought that devolution had gone too far? When setting Covid rules, Westminster was only doing it for England. I presume their English-centric views had caused them over time to ignore the other constituents of the United Kingdom.

Looking at UK polls, it’s fairly plain that the Tories are goosed. I wonder is there a potential recovery in using English/British nationalism against Devolution?


1. Wes Ferry - February 1, 2023

Tory Government’s anti-strike laws will confer sweeping powers on Downing Street ministers to make decisions over the heads of Scottish Government ministers in devolved areas such as health and education, says STUC trades union leader Roz Foyer.

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