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Latest SBP/RedC opinion poll January 28, 2023

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Sinn Féin up 2% to 33%, Fine Gael 21% down 3%, Fianna Fáil unchanged at 15%, Independents similar unchanged at 11%, Social Democrats up 2% to 6%, GP 4% which is down 1%, the LP is at 4% and no change, PBP-SOL is 3% and no change and Aontú is at 2%.

The (slight) forward march of Fine Gael halted! Fianna Fáil at a dismal rating. The rest more or less where they were. No great change really. Or signs that the Budget’s positive(ish) impacts for the Government are beginning to wear off?


1. Tomboktu - January 28, 2023

Surely Fine Gael couldn’t have expected to not move back after Donohoe’s undeclared donations.

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Wes Ferry - January 29, 2023

I’m not sure that rows on the scale of Donohoe’s ‘forgetfulness’ really bothers most people who expect politicians to pull such strokes. And particularly when SF are in the headlines for similar mishaps that do appear to be smallish, sloppy office procedures rather than massive fraud such as Tory Covid contract cronyism or millionaire Zahawi dodging his dues to society.

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2. banjoagbeanjoe - January 29, 2023

So SF 33% and FFG 36%. As opposed to that other recent poll with, was it, SF 34% and FFG 43%.
Polls schmolls.

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3. Paul Culloty - January 29, 2023

A real eye-opener in the Dublin breakdown, where the SDs are third, pipping FF! Unlike in the rest of the country, they’re sufficiently organised in the capital to have councillors on all four local authorities:

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4. LNS - January 29, 2023

I’m starting to think that FF and FG will start to functionally become the same party, maintaining some differences so they can pass the blame around for various things. Seems like the logical way for SF to be kept out of power. Either that or SF will significantly defang their left wing policies to get up over the 40/45% mark. It’s a real shame such a large proportion of the electorate support right/centre-right parties.


WorldbyStorm - January 29, 2023

Is that what’s limiting SF at the moment? I guess it could be but I wonder is it an ABBSF mentality


LMS - January 29, 2023

You mean in terms of their association with the IRA etc? I suppose that probably is a compelling argument. Although I would like to see a breakdown of percentage of voters who are homeowners, have private health insurance etc. my suspicion is that a majority of people who actually vote (as distinct from a majority of the population) so alright out of FFG rule. As a 27yo (younger than the average poster here I think!), I may have a skewed view on this. I don’t think the SF-IRA associates are particularly puissant for people who were born towards the end of/after the troubles


WorldbyStorm - January 29, 2023

Yeah exactly re the IRA. But that’s also an issue you point to, and like you say they vote who hold that issue most important. A mixture of a whole lot? But then again there’s the IT and Indo and they always make the case that those with property etc are worried about SF in government. Which plays to those paper’s/outlets bases.


banjoagbeanjoe - January 29, 2023

“Is that what’s limiting SF at the moment? I guess it could be but I wonder is it an ABBSF mentality”

That’s not a great question now is it WBS? Is it an ABBSF mentality? Could you be a bit more specific? Like why would some voters, maybe a lot of voters, maybe even a majority of voters have an ABBSF mentality?
You and LMS have touched on two factors that might explain why a lot of people might have an ABBSF mentality
1. The IRA campaign 1969-c1999. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe or understand, but there are lots and lots of people who will never forget nor never forgive the IRA for that campaign.
2. Economics. People who are doing ok financially/economically under the current govt – comfortable middle class people and richer people.
And as LMS suggests I think, the older the voter the more likely they are to be ABBSF for either or both of the above reasons.


LMS - January 29, 2023

For people who lived through the troubles, I understand why they would say never SF. For me, when you look at the damage done by FG with austerity and the legacy of FF around the institutional abuse of women and children throughout the 20th century (just to give to quick examples), I don’t really feel like any of those three parties (SF, FF, FG) comes out any morally cleaner than the other so I’d rather vote for the one that makes the best noises on most issues (that being SF).


WorldbyStorm - January 29, 2023

Absolutely, those areas we and you point to are precisely why those who are ABBSF would hold an ABBSF view!


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