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One big (teaching) union? January 30, 2023

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Anyone read these reports?

Two of the country’s leading trade unions could be about to join forces after sources in both the ASTI and TUI teacher unions have confirmed that they are discussing a possible merger. It is understood senior representatives from the two unions met earlier this week and agreed to proceed with talks about coming together. Informal discussions have been ongoing for a number of months, according to one source.


The two unions have been at loggerheads in recent years, as they adopted different stances on issues such as junior cycle reform, and amid acrimonious accusations of the poaching of members.

Confirmation of talks follows a report in Industrial Relations News that a merger of the two unions has been proposed, in the context of allocating funds due to teachers under the Building Momentum pay agreement.

What do people think?


1. crocodileshoes - February 1, 2023

Add in the INTO and you’d be talking

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WorldbyStorm - February 1, 2023

Isn’t it telling they’re not involved anymore n the framing of this


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