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The badante (live-in-home carer) system in Italy January 31, 2023

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A very interesting post on Tomás Ó Flaharta which notes:

Dave Kellaway’s description [and affectionate tribute to his mother in law] of the Italian state’s support system enabling unhealthy older people to finish their lives at home will interest readers in Ireland – where a similar system could easily be established. 


1. benmadigan - January 31, 2023

Badantes are usually supplied through agencies or word of mouth and can be quite expensive – about 1,500 euros a month + bed and board. You need to have a spare room for one. The expense is not too much if there are several children to share it, but it’s a lot for a widow/er on a low pension with maybe 1 child.
Some badantes are good – some aren’t. An elderly widow I personally knew was beaten by her badante but there was no comeback from the police because there were no cameras in the appartment and no one else was present.
Just before Xmas last, a badante signed a contract with a doctor friend of mine to look after her 96-year old mother but left after 3 days – leaving the doctor in the lurch over the holidays when she couldn’t get anyone else.
Another 80 year old man I know has an excellent 60 year old Peruvian badante. Now he has a steady job, his daughter and grandchild have just arrived in Italy, hoping to stay!

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WorldbyStorm - February 1, 2023

Very useful to know Ben


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