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The (bad) luck of the Irish politician March 17, 2023

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You’d have to imagine that one M. Martin might have felt at least a hint of schadenfreude given that he caught Covid while in Washington last St. Patrick’s Day and missed the fun, such as it was. At least a hint seeing an entirely unforced and kind of inexplicable error on the part of the current Taoiseach making light, in that city with those audiences, of interns in the 1990s. You’ve got to wonder at the thought processes that led to that. Doubt it will have any impact here, or given no doubt multiple apologies both formal and informal, there. Still. Strange stuff. 


1. LMS - March 17, 2023

A good example of Varadkar personifying what gen z call “the ick”

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Tomboktu - March 17, 2023

I tend to call it the “feckin’ eejit”.

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2. roddy - March 17, 2023

Varadker and his ilk are so used to attacking their opponents here without sanction from the media or anybody else that they lose the run of themselves even when referencing so called allies.That Charlie Flanagan for example was able to call Adams a “c–t” online without a murmur of disapproval is a case in point.

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