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What I won’t be listening to this St. Patrick’s Day weekend March 17, 2023

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I had this idea for the this weekend slot, wouldn’t it be interesting to see what was in the Irish charts around St. Patrick’s Day each year? Well, got to admit that was a disappointment. Because there was no connection whatsoever. And yet a moment’s thought would have suggested that to be the case. There aren’t St. Patrick’s Day records, in the general sense. Or not exactly. Usually it’s a catchall to cover songs with an Irish angle.

For example as far back as 1947 Bing Crosby released St. Patrick’s Day which was songs ‘with an Irish theme’. Crosby was, to his credit, third generation Irish on his mother’s side. We’ll allow it!

Some reading this will no doubt be pleased to hear that yesterday. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day 2023, U2 released a compilation album specially on that day:

U2 have announced the release of a brand new album full of re-recorded and re-imagined versions of their biggest hits.

Songs of Surrender, made up of 40 songs with 10 for each member of the band, will be released on St Patrick’s Day March 17. The concept brings together four different “albums”, curated by The Edge and also featuring Bono, Larry and Adam.

The first single from the album, Pride (In The Name of Love), was released yesterday after debuting on Dave Fanning’s 2FM show. Each recording of the tracks is completely new with many carrying a different yet familiar sound.

The idea of St. Patrick’s Day as compilation day for Irish songs means that Good Housekeeping and others get in on the act. This last week they posted this.


No matter what your plans are for this St. Patrick’s Day — you can be planning an Irish feast (complete with Irish desserts), making green beerto serve your guests, watching one the best Irish movies of all-time or taking part in one of the honored St. Patrick’s Day traditions — you’re going to need a soundtrack to go with it. And what better than music from the Emerald Isle?

Depends on the music. Poor old Horslips who appear to have vanished from cultural memory. Though kudos to them for including SLF. 


How about this from Time Out. 

This though is very interesting. From 2020 and the Irish Traditional Music Archive. 





1. Gearóid Clár - March 17, 2023

Funny you mention Horslips. A friend just posted a link to The Táin in a whatsapp group with the comment “Strong recommendation for rainy listening in the kitchen!”

I have Charolais playing now!

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WorldbyStorm - March 17, 2023

It’s a st Patrick’s day thing 🙂

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WorldbyStorm - March 17, 2023

And if you like Horslips today, wait until tomorrow!


2. irishelectionliterature - March 18, 2023

Watched the U2 thing in Dublin with Dave Letterman. It’s a bit U2ish in the interviews with Bono but a lot of watching to see what other musicians are there, who Letterman meets etc….
Fintan O’Toole goes a bit over the top on U2’s influence. Some of the reworked tracks are good.

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WorldbyStorm - March 18, 2023

Yeah I heard it is good ish !


WorldbyStorm - March 18, 2023

Though as someone pointed out to me there’s Bono talking about paring down the songs and what do they do on some tracks but bring in an orchestra! That’s not paring down.


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