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Andor from the 1970s March 18, 2023

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

This is kind of cool, a reimagining of Andor, perhaps the only worthy Star Wars property since Rogue One, in the style of 1970s science fiction – Space 1999, Blakes 7, Doctor Who, 2001 and… well, Star Wars. And kudos for the reference in the last minute to a certain George Lucas film.


1. NFB - March 18, 2023

Been following Auralnauts for a good while now, they’re a talented group, they do a lot of great comedy stuff with re-dubs, with a whole canon on Star Wars movies. They did a similar video for the Boba Fett show: https://youtu.be/CseVAyj0PsU

Would also recommend you look up their re-dubs of infomercials, like that for “Zoomies”.


WorldbyStorm - March 18, 2023

Thanks, I will do that pronto!


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