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Identified flying objects March 18, 2023

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I think these are brilliant – art pieces by Argentinian artists Tomás Saraceno in the form of balloons.

For more than two decades, Saraceno has activated projects aimed towards an ethical collaboration with the atmosphere, including the sculpture series Cloud Cities (2002–) and Museo Aero Solar (2007–),[1] a community-organised initiative that transforms waste plastic bags into flying, aerosolar sculptures. These projects later grew into the Aerocene Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to community building, scientific research and artistic experiences.[2] Together with Saraceno in 2020, Aerocene launched the certified, untethered flight Fly with Aerocene Pacha, achieving thirty-two world records across Female and General categories for the flight’s distance, duration and altitude—lifted using only the heat of the sun and the air.[3]

They look amazing. And the ideas behind them appear robust. 


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