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What you want to say – 29th March 2023  March 29, 2023

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. Tomboktu - March 29, 2023

Give ’em he’ll

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2. Tomboktu - March 29, 2023

Why is RTÉ running with the line that a number of independent TDs have yet to decide if they will vote with the Government on the motion of no confidence?

Nothing has changed since last week, and it’s too soon after that for the independents to look for new deals for their constituencies.

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NFB - March 29, 2023

Yeah, but that’s boring. Doesn’t suit the narrative of political excitement.

I suppose there’s a small chance that they’ve spent a week getting hammered by constituents, but I’ve been watching the Independent game in Ireland too long to think it’s realistic. They can vote for whatever and still be confident of being re-elected.

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3. terrymdunne - March 29, 2023

‘Cattle driving under the Tricolour’ – new episode in new podcast series for Laois Libraries is out now –

Covers early 1918 – the cross-over between the rise of S.F., agrarian conflict and food supply crisis and then moves over to the anti-conscription movement. YouTube link there but on the various podcast platforms as well.

Also on a related theme Tony Varley will be giving an online talk on the 1923 Land Act next week – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-civil-war-and-hogans-land-act-tickets-598245667897

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4. NFB - March 29, 2023

Neasa Hourigan votes confidence in the government. She’s a strange one.


Alibaba - March 29, 2023

For Hourigan to vote against the government would be like a turkey voting for Christmas. A hammering in the general election would follow for the Greens. We’re talking about political expediency now.


5. crocodileshoes - March 29, 2023

‘Pharmaceutical and IT companies pay big chunks of income tax’ says RTE’s lunchtime news. And there was I thinking it was the employees who paid income tax.


6. Alibaba - March 29, 2023

In responding to Varadkar’s taunt that the no-confidence motion was engaging in “political theatre, performative anger and performance art” Louise O’Reilly was quick to rubbish that. She argued something along these lines: We know why you have failed to extend the eviction ban till next January because then you would be heading into local and European elections when evictions are in progress. You don’t have a problem with evictions now …

This hadn’t occurred to me. It is totally apt but I haven’t seen it reported in any media accounts so far.

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NFB - March 29, 2023

The Sindo headline the weekend after the rescinding of the ban was on that topic

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Tomboktu - March 29, 2023

Here’s what she said:

The root cause of this debate is the Government’s decision to remove the only protection against homelessness that is in place. The eviction ban was put in place to protect renters due to the scale of the housing crisis that successive Governments have created. In the run-up to today’s debate, several constituents contacted me to implore me to vote no confidence in the Government. I told them I have not had confidence in the Government since the day it came into office because I look at the facts and because I see my constituents in my constituency offices. They tell me what is happening. They tell me what life is like for them under the Government. How could anyone have confidence in a Government that knows exactly what the right thing to do to protect people is but that consistently does the wrong thing and makes people suffer? There is almost a premeditation in what the Government is doing.

Earlier this month, the Sunday Independent reported that the Government feared an extension of the eviction ban would lead to a dramatic increase in homeless numbers close to the holding of the European and local elections next year and that there was a political motivation behind its decision to end the ban this month.


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Alibaba - March 29, 2023

Thank you very much for that clarification. I didn’t catch the Sindo reference when listening to that debate.

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7. Tomboktu - March 29, 2023

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8. banjoagbeanjoe - March 30, 2023
WorldbyStorm - March 30, 2023

Who’d have thunk! Great spot bjbj !


9. banjoagbeanjoe - March 31, 2023

This is an outrage. “University” of LIMERICK. Pffft.

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10. Gearóid Clár - April 2, 2023

Some people have obviously misinterpreted the 25-year anniversary of the GFA to mean we’re supposed to go back in time to those halcyon days…


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WorldbyStorm - April 2, 2023

Wow, that’s coat-trailing by the DUP of the worst kind.


11. Jim Monaghan - April 2, 2023

“2024 Irish local elections

The 2024 Irish local elections are scheduled to be held in all local authorities in Ireland in May 2024, on the same day as the 2024 European Parliament election. Each local government area is divided into local electoral areas (LEAs) where three to seven councillors are elected on the system of proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote.[1]”

What is happening in this?. Candidate selections etc. Any surprising independents etc.


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